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17th June 2020

Developing custom strategies for international growth

ARC Capital is a mid-market investment bank with an international presence, and offices in China, Singapore, the United States, Indonesia and Mexico. Our financial team specialises in public listings, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), financial advisory, and wealth management. ARC provides a customised and personal approach to our clients.

Access to new markets

We founded the company in 2015 with the aim of helping Chinese companies to find alternative sources of financing, taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in the US stock markets. We were fortunate to start with a client who gave us the opportunity to work with him and prove our worth.

ARC Capital started its business offering focusing on the capital markets area, mostly with IPOs in the NASDAQ from companies from China, as well as other companies in Asia. However, over the past few years, we have also paid special attention to special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) This is a type of investment fund that allows public stock market investors to invest in private equity-type transactions, particularly leveraged buyouts.

In addition, we offer M&A services for companies, as well as providing the best corporate finance solutions and different types of investments to ensure the best returns of our clients. Also, some M&A transactions we have performed in the past have had an important cross border component, particularly between Western countries and China, as much as in the buy side, as the sell side.

Strategies for international expansion

ARC Capital’s main focus has been mainly in small and medium companies across different industries. We have helped our clients to gain international exposure, finding the best strategy according to their expansion goals, including offshore services to provide them strategically the best location for their expansion purposes.

Some sectors that we have focused on in Asia include high-tech, e-commerce, retail, luxury, food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, hospitality, infrastructure, among many others.

ARC Capital has seen increased deal flow over the past few months. We have advised multiple companies on IPOs such as Indonesia Energy Corporation the first Indonesian company to ever list directly into the New York Stock Exchange and the first family office-backed SPAC out of Singapore called Yunhong International. ARC Capital was also the lead advisor on a recent M&A transaction involving a publicly-traded company called CTI Industries, and in just the past six months we have closed four private capital raises in excess of $70 million, just in Asia! Our multiple offices around the globe enable us to provide invaluable advice to our clients and work around the clock on fast-moving transactions.

We leverage our deep experience in Asia to provide our clients with services and guidance in other countries. Most of our clients hire us to guide them through complicated transactions in foreign countries.

ARC Capital is also an advisor for private companies in confidential transactions. We have been working with an important real estate developer in Peru that is currently in the final stages of raising capital for their most recent project. We are the exclusive advisors on this deal.

ARC Capital continues to grow its SPAC practice, we now take companies from the IPO Process through the merger process, offering a complete range of services. We have also been in talks with multiple companies looking to raise money through a merger with a SPAC.

Raising money through a SPAC merger is a great alternative for companies that operate in countries where credit markets have frozen up due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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