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Banque du Caire
International Investor Award Winner

Founded in 1952, Banque du Caire is an avid contributor to the Egyptian economy, as one of Egypt’s top banks. Banque du Caire has played an instrumental role in effectively and efficiently supporting the national economy across all sectors.

Banque du Caire offers its clients a full range of value-added products and services and ensuring an outstanding level of customer service. The bank has been keen on offering a diverse range of stand-alone and packages of products and services that satisfy all segments of customers’ evolving needs, while contributing to the revitalisation of the economic cycle and development.

Within the retail sector, Banque du Caire offers various innovative and competitive products and services. On the corporate front, the bank plays an effective role in financing the vital sectors of the national economy through participating in the syndicated loans serving different sectors, besides its vital role in financing the SMEs and microfinance projects.

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