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Capitalium Advisors
International Investor Award Winner

CAPITALIUM ADVISORS® is an independent wealth management company based in Geneva, offering premium services for international clients. As part of a new breed of wealth manager, CAPITALIUM ADVISORS® revolves around people and values. Its founders share a passion for quality, abide by common values and adhere to a collective vision to redefine wealth management and its practice. To meet the needs of the new generation of clients, the company works to understand their evolving expectations as well as the risks they are taking. This enables the firm to offer an innovative approach, built on rigor and excellence. In 2019, together with its sister company, SCHOEB FROTE® in Neuchâtel, the firm has joined the club of the Top 50 Switzerland’s largest asset management firms.

The company takes a three-pronged approach: firstly, they offer CASA INVEST®, which manages discretionary mandates, consultancies and supervisory services. Additionally, the firm offers CASA NEXGEN® a proprietary concept targeted primarily to families, helping them tackle challenges related to the transmission of patrimony.

Finally, the company offers CASA ADVICE®, a solution which helps clients to maintain total control over their private affairs (Family Office services).

CAPITALIUM ADVISORS® Rue de la Pélisserie 16
CH - 1204 Geneva
Phone : +41 22 544 63 00

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