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Founded in 1872 by Lyon CCI, emlyon business school is a private, technical, higher educational establishment, approved by the French Government. The school hosts 7,260 students of more than 90 nationalities, and a further 6,200 participants in professional training programmes. The school has six campuses around the world (Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Casablanca, Shanghai, Paris and Bhubaneswar), based on a network of 181 international academic partners, and manages a community of 32,000 graduates in 120 countries.

The mission of emlyon business school is to reveal “makers” – leading players in the transformation, individuals who anticipate the future, connect worlds, build things, show positivity, have a preference for taking action, learn what needs to be done, embrace values -- and accomplish all of this in a collaborative way.

The notion of being a “maker” reflects emlyon business school’s vision of an entrepreneur: someone who tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again, and learns as they go along. emlyon business school develops these skills as part of a next-generation teaching programme, one where the academic search for excellence involves producing and sharing, along with the creation of innovative learning journeys.

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