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Herculis Partners was founded in 2009 by Nikolay Karpenko and Jean-Paul Périat in Porrentruy, Switzerland. Herculis Partners is a wealth & investment boutique acting as a multifamily office, taking into account principles of ethics, transparency and performance. With its consistent growth in assets under management, the company’s client base is well diversified across prominent investors and renowned families.

The company has since outgrown the original office, expanding to 12 professionals and three companies (soon to be four) with Herculis Trustees and Herculis Partners branch in Geneva, as well as Herculis Guardians. Herculis Guardians was founded in 2016 to provide our clients with safe boxes, as well as vault storages for art, wine, and precious stones, part of it being under the status of Freeport. It offers a high-level service for the clients with confidentiality in a discrete environment.

Herculis partners are planning the launch of a fund management activity based in Liechtenstein and a wallet corner (digital wallet) allowing customers to manage their crypto-currencies based on blockchain technology with a private public key, in partnership with a producer in Switzerland.

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