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19th January 2022

Tonga is facing an 'unprecedented disaster'


17th January 2022

Saudi-led coalition launches airstrikes on Sana'a

12th January 2022

The Future of SMEs Gets Examined in a Recent White Paper by The World Economic Forum

Global News

7th January 2022

Apple becomes the first company to be worth $ 3 trillion

Apple got off to a strong start in 2022. The American tech giant became the first company to achieve a stock market valuation of $ 3 trillion. The figure exceeds the joint GDP of the largest economies in Latin America.

2nd January 2022

Chile Elections 2021: Boric President

The leftist Gabriel Boric is the elected president of Chile thanks to a …

31st December 2021


Artists say you can only break the rules if you’ve mastered them. That’s …

28th December 2021

Invest Durban: First Stop Shop

Invest Durban was recommended by the Durban City Council and organised private business …

27th December 2021

Africa is Ready for a New Wave of Foreign Direct Investments

Struggling with lower vaccination rates, high debt and a lack of quick and …

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