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What we are, what we want and where do we want to go. Providing unique insights for the global investment community.

The word 'Investment' traces its origins back in the 16th century, from the act of using investments in order to occupy an office, endowment, right to political/economical power, etc. Later on, the word would take a more conventional and commercial sense. Being used in the 17th century for the 'utilisation of money or capital to have positive gains in the future'.

Investing is extremely important for society, it is the unstoppable force that spins our world day- by- day. That compelling force relies on a community, a large group of individuals from all parts of the globe who strive to make the best decisions at the right time. These professionals need the best and the most accurate information across many far-reaching sectors to know how best to proceed. International Investor is both an online and printed journal that provides this information through time sensitive news and insightful articles with visual informative pieces with topics ranging from world markets, industry analysis, breaking trends, investing opportunities and c- suite level interviews.

Our subscribers include institutional investors, family offices, private banks, CEO’s and COO's of global corporations and so our main goal is to develop the best content dedicated to this global investment community. A community that must have a quick and straight forward view of the global microeconomic environment. International Investor has the main objective to provide a platform that is simple to understand whilst engaging them with the vast opportunities the inspiring panorama of constant change provides. By adopting this approach, we hope to help inspire our investor base to more easily define their strategy and reach their development and investment goals.