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5th October 2023

AfricaFast Action Needed in African Clean Energy Investment

A new report jointly released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) emphasizes the urgent need for swift action to enhance …

21st August 2023

AfricaAfrica’s promising digital landscape

The digital landscape in Africa presents a promising yet often overlooked investment prospect. According to the International Finance Corporation …

26th July 2023

AfricaADHI Corporate Group to invest in Affordable Housing in Rwanda

The Ministry of Education has extended its support to an investor's ambitious plan of constructing 40,000 environmentally-friendly and affordable …

27th June 2023

AfricaEuropeFrench Council of Investors in Africa

Created in 1979, Cian is the oldest French business association dedicated to companies invested in Africa. Open to businesses …

22nd May 2023

AfricaHow do you find the right leader to deliver sustainable growth in Africa?

Our greatest demand for talent over the last year has been for leaders who can scale businesses.

17th April 2023


As the world gradually emerges from the ruins of the recent economic recession, the search continues for the next …

11th April 2023

AfricaSonnie Ayere of DLM Capital Group - Building a Pan-African empire

Sonnie Ayere is a goal-oriented financial economist/ investment banker with a strong grasp of macroeconomic principles with over 30 …

20th March 2023

AfricaNigeria lending rate rises

Nigeria's central bank raised its lending rate by 50 basis points to 18% (NGCBIR=ECI) on Tuesday as authorities continued …

27th February 2023

AfricaNigeria Presidential Election

eria's electoral commission started announcing state-by-state results of their national elections on Sunday. The announcement of a successor to …

20th February 2023

AfricaInvestment banking division of BANK OF AFRICA - BMCE Group, BMCE Capital offers a diversified range of financial products and services for corporate, institutional and individual clients.

Since its creation in 1998, BMCE Capital offers a wide range of financial solutions for corporate, institutional and individual …

4th January 2023

AfricaEuropeZenith Guild Group, CEO Fope Oluleye

Zenith Guild Group is a group of highly successful companies dedicated to making groundbreaking advancements in their respective fields. …

4th January 2023

AfricaGhana Investment Promotion Centre

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre is Ghana's foremost investment promotion and attraction Agency under the oce of the president. …

2nd November 2022

AfricaCOP27 to focus on finance and investment in climate issues

Cop27, the UN Climate Change Conference will be held at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt from 6-18 November.

17th October 2022

AfricaFinancial Inclusion In Africa - Is It Possible? And What Would It Take?

Is the state of finance in Africa improving for individuals and small businesses looking for access to everyday financial …

7th July 2022

AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaCentral & South AmericaNAVIGATING THE VOLATILITY TERRAIN IFCs like the BVI offer security in the age of uncertainty

As investors deal with the uncertainty in global markets, international finance centres (IFCs) like the British Virgin Islands (BVI) …

23rd March 2022

AfricaFope Oluleye building organisations with innovation, ambition and dynamism

Fope Oluleye purpose is to build a set of organisations focused on reaching the zenith of their sectors.

23rd February 2022

AfricaAfrica is Ready For A New Wave Of Foreign Direct Investments

The data is very hard to ignore, says the UNCTAD

15th February 2022

AfricaWorld Bank Projections: Post-COVID Africa will be a highly dynamic environment

Rising from dark times to bright aspirations

13th February 2022

AfricaFirst Stop Shop

Invest Durban delivers a world-class Metro based investor support service

27th December 2021

AfricaAfrica is Ready for a New Wave of Foreign Direct Investments

Struggling with lower vaccination rates, high debt and a lack of quick and efficient strategic response against the pandemic, …

26th April 2021

AfricaTotal confirms suspension of gas project in Mozambique

The Mozambique LNG project, led by Total within a consortium, represents a total investment of 20,000 million euros (24,000 …

22nd April 2021

AfricaInstability in Chad after president's death

African oil producer Chad faces instability after president's death.

21st December 2020

AfricaThe benefits of a shared geospatial infrastructure

The global leader in location intelligence, Esri, has announced a joint initiative that aims to promote policies that foster …

12th June 2020

AfricaDurban: A Premium Destination for Investors

Invest Durban has been recognised by the Durban City Council and various businesses as the first stop for stimulating …

5th June 2020

AfricaConfronting Africa's daunting youth unemployment rate

Speaking on the topic “Delivering the Promise of Africa’s Youth” at this year’s World Economic Forum on Africa, the …

30th May 2020

AfricaNigeria's capital market leader in innovation financing solutions

Across the globe, advanced economies have taken to different models of financing for economic growth and development. Developing economies, …

14th February 2020

AfricaMENAA step to financial freedom

The KwaZulu-Natal Joint Municipal Pension/Provident Funds (NJMPF) drives inclusive, transparent and sustainable practices through innovation and financial literacy. NJMPF …

26th November 2019

AfricaMENATransformation through broadband

Broadband access is a key enabler to achieve this vision, however, as the market matures, the rate of penetration …