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23rd March 2022

AfricaFope Oluleye building organisations with innovation, ambition and dynamism

Fope Oluleye purpose is to build a set of organisations focused on reaching the zenith of their sectors.

23rd February 2022

AfricaAfrica is Ready For A New Wave Of Foreign Direct Investments

The data is very hard to ignore, says the UNCTAD

15th February 2022

AfricaWorld Bank Projections: Post-COVID Africa will be a highly dynamic environment

Rising from dark times to bright aspirations

13th February 2022

AfricaFirst Stop Shop

Invest Durban delivers a world-class Metro based investor support service

27th December 2021

AfricaAfrica is Ready for a New Wave of Foreign Direct Investments

Struggling with lower vaccination rates, high debt and a lack of quick and efficient strategic response against the pandemic, …

26th April 2021

AfricaTotal confirms suspension of gas project in Mozambique

The Mozambique LNG project, led by Total within a consortium, represents a total investment of 20,000 million euros (24,000 …

22nd April 2021

AfricaInstability in Chad after president's death

African oil producer Chad faces instability after president's death.

21st December 2020

AfricaThe benefits of a shared geospatial infrastructure

The global leader in location intelligence, Esri, has announced a joint initiative that aims to promote policies that foster …

12th June 2020

AfricaDurban: A Premium Destination for Investors

Invest Durban has been recognised by the Durban City Council and various businesses as the first stop for stimulating …

5th June 2020

AfricaConfronting Africa's daunting youth unemployment rate

Speaking on the topic “Delivering the Promise of Africa’s Youth” at this year’s World Economic Forum on Africa, the …

30th May 2020

AfricaNigeria's capital market leader in innovation financing solutions

Across the globe, advanced economies have taken to different models of financing for economic growth and development. Developing economies, …

14th February 2020

AfricaMENAA step to financial freedom

The KwaZulu-Natal Joint Municipal Pension/Provident Funds (NJMPF) drives inclusive, transparent and sustainable practices through innovation and financial literacy. NJMPF …

26th November 2019

AfricaMENATransformation through broadband

Broadband access is a key enabler to achieve this vision, however, as the market matures, the rate of penetration …