4th January 2023


Zenith Guild Group, CEO Fope Oluleye

Zenith Guild Group 


Zenith Guild Group is a group of highly successful companies dedicated to making groundbreaking advancements in their respective fields. Our main focus is to invest

and revolutionize major industries such as venture capital, real estate, and renewable energy. Ever since its foundation in 2011, Zenith Guild Group has expanded rapidly across various countries around the world, including Europe, America, and Nigeria.


Zenith Guild Group has invested in some of the most defining companies that play a leading role in their fields. This has been made possible because of the hard work of our team and our pursuit of dynamism, ambition, and innovation at every step of our journey. Zenith Guild Group consists of over 20 employees located in three different countries, fully dedicated to pursuing excellence and expanding our global footprint. The efforts of Zenith Guild Group have been recognized and internationally awarded, symbolizing our unparalleled focus on achieving success.



The rich history of the Zenith Guild Group is what has come to define its values. Our core values are innovation, ambition, and dynamism. These core values have driven each one of our companies towards reaching the zenith in their respective fields. 



The Zenith Guild Group was founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom. This was also the same year the Guild Property Investors real estate subsidiary was established. Fope Oluleye is the founder and CEO of the Zenith Guild Group. His background in real estate and finance allowed him to utilize his exceptional insight and become a seasoned entrepreneur.


He has studied in one of the most prestigious business schools in the UK. This helped him stand out in the competitive environment of the entrepreneurship business, enabling him to create and grow many successful businesses, with Zenith Guild Group being one. His keen ability to spot opportunities has played a vital role in expanding the portfolio of the Zenith Guild Group.




In 2015, the Zenith Guild Group started its expansion into the African markets by founding Zenith Guild Enterprises Nigeria Ltd. The main focus of this new enterprise is making profitable investments, real estate development, and renewable energy. With this milestone achieved, the Zenith Guild Group began its international expansion. 2015 was also the year the Brightstar Solar Global Renewable Energy subsidiary branch was created with the prime aim of leading the renewable energy industry and building renewable energy projects in Nigeria and sub-saharan




The Venture Capital Company arm of the Zenith Guild Group was established in 2017. With its establishment, Zenith Guild Group was able to start actively investing in companies and promote the growth of various startups. The Zenith Guild Group also founded its American branch in 2017, named Zenith Group America Inc. With the establishment of this branch in the USA, Zenith Guild Group officially started to operate in three different countries. The Zenith Group Americas Inc was established mainly focused to focus on venture capital and real estate investment in that region.



In 2018, after signing the MOU with the Nigerian government, a 30MW solar project was established. Commencement of the construction of the project should start early 2023 with the view to supply directly to the

grid and surrounding region. The rationale is too boost socio-economic activities in the region and enhance its electrification capacity. The Brightstar Solar

Global project has helped attract investors to the region, promoting commercial activities and prosperity.



Zenith Guild Group made a principal investment in PASH global in June 2021. This investment was to bolster renewable projects division of Zenith Guild Group and work alongside a seasoned player in the field.

The vision of the investment was to further bolster group expertise and promote utility, industrial and commercial distributable renewable energy around the globe, including Americas, African, European and Asian regions.



The efforts of the Zenith Guild Group have been recognized worldwide. This is why we are the proud recipient of multiple prestigious awards from reputed organizations.



Zenith Guild Group is the proud owner of the “Best Early- Stage Renewable Energy VC Firm 2019” award. This award has been bestowed by The International Wealth & Finance Awards, one of the leading international fund managers publications in the world.



The ACQ Global Awards recognized the CEO of the Zenith Guild Group, Fope Oluleye, as the “Gamechanger Of

The Year” in 2019, acknowledging his keen insights and

leadership skills.



Fope Oluleye has also been awarded the “Venture Capital CEO of the Year 2019” award by the International Investor Magazine. He then won the same award again in 2020. Also international investor of the Year in 2021, 2022.


Corporate Livewire recognized the pioneering approach of its VC arm to venture capitalism by awarding it the “Most Innovative VC Firm 2020” award.



The aggressive investment strategy of Zenith Guild Group has been acknowledged by the prestigious The European. This is why The European awarded Zenith Guild Group with the “European ESG Private Equity Firm of the Year 2021.”



T Bridge Venture Partners is a subsidiary of the Zenith Guild Group, founded in 2017. It mainly focuses on venture seed capital to series B and private equity into funds. This allows those firms to attain greater success thanks to the encouraging and fostering environment provided by T Bridge. T Bridge provides further resources and support for new startups so they can achieve maximum growth through capital raising and bringing strategic value to portfolio companies.

T Bridge Venture Partners has been the principal investor

in highly successful companies from sectors such as:

  • TMT


  • Proptech


  • Agritech


  • FinTech


  • Retail


  • Consumer


At T Bridge Venture Partners, we have not limited ourselves to just one country. Instead, we have invested in companies in Asia, Europe, the UK, Africa, and the Americas. There are three things we look for in a startup before investing.


The first is potential. By ensuring that the company tackles a key problem in the industry, we ensure that it has growth potential. By investing in such a promising company, we can guarantee success.


The second factor we look for in a company is competence. We ensure that the founding team has all the knowledge and information it requires to achieve its vision realistically. This includes the knowledge of the market they are trying to get into. They should also have an understanding of the full extent of the problem they are trying to solve with their product.


The last factor we look for in a startup is a sense of clear identity. For a company to be successful, it should have a clear understanding of how it can impact the sector it is

trying to revolutionize. All of these factors combined help us determine if it is beneficial to invest in a startup we are interested in.



Zenith Guild Group has invested in several companies with the view to help with their growth strategically and backing ambitious and dedicated founders.



Elexsys is an Australian-based company founded in 2012 dedicated to paving the way for renewable energy systems adoption worldwide. They have made great advancements in developing cutting-edge technology that allows for electricity to be fed back into distribution grids. This is all done without requiring billion-dollar

infrastructure changes to the grids.


Elexsys has made it much easier for businesses to export back their distributed energy resources reliably. These contributions are the reason why Elexsys has been the winner of the Renewable Energy Category in the Davos Energy Week Start-up Pitch Competition 2021.


It has also been given the Most Innovative Proptech Award by the Proptech Association of Australia. Additionally, Elexsys recently unveiled one of the largest battery and EV charging installations. This is a huge step towards making renewable energy more accessible.



Ziglu is a UK-based crypto asset firm that allows its customers to earn and invest in various cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. It also provides cash account and debit card services to its customers. Ziglu even allows for

currency exchanges, making it ideal for travel enthusiasts. Additionally, it is FCA authorized with high-end security features in place.


In April 2022, Ziglu announced it set to be acquired by the cryptocurrency market giant Robinhood a multi-billion dollar listed company. Robinhood intends to utilize the amazing talent at Ziglu to help them expand into international markets. This has made cryptocurrency much more accessible to customers all across Europe.



Launch Africa is one of the most renowned VC funds in the Pan-African region. It invests in promising startups in various sectors from seed to pre-series A. Additionally, the large advisory network of    Launch Africa allows startups to benefit from corporate distribution channels all across Africa.


Launch Africa has invested in startups in green tech, education, financial services, telecom industries, insurance, IOT, logistics, e-commerce to name a few. To date they have invested $28m into 121 companies across



20 countries in the African continent and have raised $36.3m to invest into companies. It has been the most prolific startup investor on the African continent to date in years 2021-2022.


Launch Africa Fund II is looking to raise $100 million in funds allowing it to focus more on becoming a larger pan-African fund for early-stage startups in both B2C and B2B arenas. This will help Launch Africa to bring new revolutionary startups to the  spotlight.



Velocity Black, founded in 2014, offers an artificial intelligence powered lifestyle assistant with the supervision of human experts to help people bring out the full potential of their lives. With their team located all around the world, Velocity Black can put the needs of

their customer first using a human touch in their services.


Velocity is one of the world’s fastest growing companies

- the 3rd fastest headquartered in the UK according to Forbes and was named in Deloitte’s Fast 50 2020 list of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies based on revenue growth over the last 4 years.


Today, Velocity black has raised and had the backing of venture capital of $50 million, showing the trust investors have in their success. With also B2B clients in the hospitality, fintech, private banking, automotive space they are steadily adding new dimensions to the business. Additionally, their charitable support for Action Against Hunger has helped save lives and provide access to clean water to communities around the world.



PASH Global is an investor and developer company dedicated to providing clean power projects around the globe founded in 2012. It achieves this by utilizing the latest technologies and innovations to improve clean energy production in every possible way. PASH Global works diligently towards making clean energy production more efficient and effective, helping protect the environment while also keeping energy costs low.


PASH Global has made major strides in developing wind power, hydropower, solar power, biomass power, natural gas, and solar hybrid energy production systems. They have also worked towards improving energy storage practices in the industry.


In the second half of 2022, PASH Global aims to expand its pipeline to Africa, Asia, Europe, and LATAM. For this purpose, they are raising $250 million. Additionally, PASH Global is extending invitations to family offices, funds in these regions to participate in projects focused on solar power and wind power generation.



Our extensive experience in the real estate industry has allowed us to find and invest in promising real estate opportunities.



Zenith Guild Group is working diligently on development projects in Nigeria. We are also seeking promising opportunities for the development of large commercial and residential schemes in Lagos, Nigeria. This is made possible thanks to the formation of new and productive partnerships with established groups in the region. These projects are bound to boost the local economy and create new jobs.



Zenith Guild Group helped originate and assembled

a land deal in 2018, which has been acquired by Cole Waterhouse. This land will be used to create Upper Trinity Street, consisting of a new public park, 943 new homes, a 133-bedroom hotel, and 60,000 square feet of commercial space. Despite Covid-19 and legal hurdles, we were able to finalise and complete the deal. Finally, the planning and sale of this project has been completed in October 2022.


The development of this project is expected to create 600 jobs in just the construction phase, boosting the local economy. Over 300 jobs are expected to be created once the construction phase is over as well. This mix-use scheme is ideal for transforming the Digbeth area and harboring a wonderful community.


Zenith Guild Group also owns multiple properties in both the UK, USA and Nigeria. We are exploring opportunities for financing and building projects in key cities such as London, Boston, LA, New York, and Miami with the US division of the company.



Zenith Guild Group has always been a strong promoter of the use of renewable energy. Zenith Guild Group has  invested heavily into both renewable energy companies, projects and companies. This is why we  have shown our support through practice as well as words by investing in projects such as Brightstar Solar Global and PASH Global.


We have also ownership stakes across various renewable energy projects across the world. We are further targeting utility scale, commercial and industrial, distributed renewable energy projects across LATAM, EMEA, Asia and African regions. We will be looking to partner also with family offices, funds and JV partners  to reach these objectives. Our aim is to increase our renewable energy portfolio to 1GW within the next year.




Jeremy Lau is the managing partner and director here at Zenith Guild Group. He is a UAL London graduate, with his main interest being graphics and spatial communication. This degree has helped him hone his real estate expertise. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the real estate sector, focusing on regional UK-based cities and London.


These qualities of Jeremy Lau have proven to be instrumental in the development of the real estate side of Zenith Guild Group. Jeremy Lau has great analytical skills, which, combined with his great attention to detail, have allowed him to spot opportunities and get the most out of them. Although he places a great amount of focus on the real estate sector, Jeremy Lau works and contributes to  all the sectors Zenith Guild Group operates in, including renewable energy and venture capital.


He is also an investor and principal at Honour Group, mainly investing in companies and real estate. Honour Group  and Zenith Guild Group look at projects, deals and do investments together. Jeremy Lau has concluded real estate deals of over £300 million GDV alongside investment in various companies.


The Group CEO of Zenith Guild Group, Fope Oluleye, recently attended the African Wealth Summit conducted on 25-28th May 2022 in Morocco. He spoke about many important topics, such as venture capital, renewable energy, and real estate.


He also went into the details of the activities of Zenith Guild Group to raise awareness about new business ventures. He emphasized the various interests of the Zenith Guild Group and expressed its desire to bring value to the African continent and create cross border relationships by seeking new partnerships and contributing to its growth and also help to be bridge to other locations worldwide.



We at Zenith Guild have always believed in our core values which are the constant pursuit of innovation, ambition, and dynamism. We intend to uphold these values in the future as they have brought us great success in the past. Our premise is to be a game-changer remains unchanged as we continue to invest and develop dynamic and highly successful companies. Our aim is to continue committing to achieving this goal by giving our all in the pursuit of success and continue to be a gamechanger.