International Investor Videos

Intercorp Group - Consultancy Firm Of The Year // 2023

Interview with Mr. Leonardo Braune, Managing Partner, awarded Consultancy Firm Of The Year // 2023

Ghana GIPC - Best FDI Destination// Africa 2022

Interview with Mr. Yofi Grant from GIPC, awarded Best FDI Destination// Africa 2022 and Best Business Personality of the Year // Africa 2022

Interview with Capital 3PM’s Managing Partner and Founder, Adam Davis.

International Investor talks with founder of award-winning company, Capital 3PM.

Best Fixed Income Investment Advisory Firm 2021

Audacity Capital

Chief Global Strategist at Audacity Capital, Karim Yousfi, tells International Investor what makes their trading company unique to others.

Audacity Capital won the Excellence in Trading Innovation and Excellence in Professional Training 2020 awards.

Cornèr Bank (Overseas) Limited - Promo

International Investor - the Spring 2020 Edition

Our latest issue is out! Featuring an article on the race for a COVID-19 vaccine and an interview with CNNMoney Switzerland's Editor-in-Chief, Andreas Schaffner.

Read it online for free:

CNNMoney Switzerland Interview: ARC Capital

Ilona Braverman interviews ARC Capital's CEO, Abraham Cinta, and Sergio Camarero, Managing Partner. ARC Capital won the 2020 International Investor award for Best Global Mid-Market Investment Bank.

CNNMoney Switzerland Interview: Oman LNG

Arianne Alcorta interviews Harib al Kitani, CEO of International Investor award-winning Oman LNG. He explains how LNG is revolutionising the energy industry.

CNNMoney Switzerland Interview: Herculis Partners

Arianne Alcorta interviews the founders of Herculis Partners. This Swiss investment company rose like a phoenix during the Financial Crisis. Despite the economic turmoil, the co-founders explain how their business provided exactly what investors craved.