4th January 2023


Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre is Ghana's foremost investment promotion and attraction Agency under the oce of the president. Guided by the GIPC Act 2013 (act 865) the Centre courts and facilitates valuable investments to stimulate economic growth, unlock opportunities and spur job creation.

Among its strategic functions, the GIPC formulates investment promotion policies and plans, incentives, and marketing strategies to attract both foreign and local investments. Again, the Centre is at the helm of Initiating and supporting measures that will enhance the investment climate for both Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian enterprises.

Presenting a diverse team, consisting of trade and investment analysts, researchers, and industry specialists, the GIPC furnishes investors with insight on investment opportunities and incentives, while following through with necessary guidelines and assistance to navigate business risks, towards a successful integration into the Ghanaian World of business.

Since its inception, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre has had a proud history of supporting local industries expand their frontiers as well as helping foreign investors and reputable Multinational Companies set up long lasting partnerships and businesses for the good of both Ghana and partner countries.