International Investor Award Winner


Arca Fondi SGR is a mid-sized Italian active asset management company, founded in 1983 by a consortium of 12 regional banks. Nowadays Arca manages mutual funds, pension funds and institutional accounts with total AUM exceeding €32 billion, with more than 100 banks and financial institutions serving more than 800,000 clients.

Arca’s business model is based on two pillars: people and innovation. People in Arca share a passion for excellence and achievement, are client-oriented and have a problem-solving mindset. Corporate culture fosters cross-functional interaction, allowing the best talents to gain a broad understanding of the company as a whole.

Innovation is in Arca DNA. Born in the aftermath of the approval of the law instituting Mutual Funds, Arca has always been a leader in the Italian asset management industry. Moving forward fast and trying to get ahead of trends, the company launched its first Funds in 1984 (Arca RR and Arca BB display an amazing 35-year long track record with more than 700% compounded return achieved), its first Equity Fund in 1987 and it Pension Fund in 1998.

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