International Investor Award Winner

Arche Wealth Management

Wealth Management Firm of the Year // Luxembourg 2021

Arche Wealth Management provides tailor-made portfolio management services. Created in 2013, the organisation is regulated by the Supervisory Board of the Financial Sector (CSSF) in Luxembourg. The Arche Wealth Management team is totally dedicated to its clients and has extensive financial market experience, built with consistency and rigor. Offering great stability, Arche perfectly understands the situation of our clients and maintains constant and close dialogue with them. We create portfolios with a tailor-made allocation, select the best investment funds in the world and establish transparent reports in order to follow the evolution of the portfolios. The portfolios are assembled to reflect our market convictions while taking into account the specific orientations agreed upon with the client. We manage on a discretionary basis and also offer an advisory management service in order to analyze a situation in accordance with market dynamics. We provide continuous portfolio monitoring with a high response capacity.

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