International Investor Award Winner

DLM Group

Best Development Investment Bank  //  2023
Best Comprehensive Investment Firm  //  2023

DLM is a Developmental Investment Bank (“DIB”) that provides innovative solutions to economic development projects. Since inception, we have concentrated on creating markets, products and long term financing solutions for the Nigerian Financial Markets.

Our developmental focus and history lies in the genes of our founding principal, Sonnie Ayere (“SA”) which was honed during his career at the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) in which time he worked with the Nigerian government to create its domestic sovereign bond market. This was further strengthened when he designed and successfully closed the first residential mortgage backed securitization transaction for the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. On setting up DLM in 2009, the focus was clear that the firm will embark on a developmental route. To date, the firm has accomplished the following developmental feats:

  • Set-up of Lagos-Homs, mandated by Lagos State Government
  • Set-up Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC), mandated by the Federal Government of Nigeria
  • Mortgage Warehouse Funding Limited (MWFL), mandated by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Mortgage Bankers Association of Nigeria

All three institutions were set up in the pursuance of developing a housing finance market for Nigeria, aimed at housing Nigerians and at the same time help to create sustainable jobs via the strong multiplier effects housing construction has on an economy.

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