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Fides Treasury Services

Fides is the global leader in multi-bank connectivity, enabling corporates to connect to any bank, in any region, through any channel. Fides can convert any data into a format compatible with any financial institutions and payment providers, based on bank and country-specific requirements. With Fides, clients can reach further, and connect faster.

Fides enables intraday multi-bank account statements, payments workflow, and reporting capabilities to help treasurers achieve business continuity. Clients are able to reconcile bank balances, transactions and booking texts from banks around the world with the touch of a button. Fides also provides conversion, validation and security services.

As a company, Fides is known for outstanding project management and support services, ensuring timely implementations and customer satisfaction.

Fides helps more than 3,000 clients communicate with more than 10,000 banks globally. Our geographic reach spans 170 countries. Whether you are using a treasury management system (TMS), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), our ARS and EFT web applications, or any combination thereof, Fides is the only bank connectivity platform you need.

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