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International Investment Bank

International investment Bank is a multilateral development institution. The Agreement to form the bank was signed on 10 July 1970 and registered with the United Nations Secretariat under number 11417. The Bank’s mission has been worded by the shareholders as “to promote greater interconnections and integration between the economies of the Bank member states, with the aim of achieving the conditions for balanced and inclusive growth, and competitive national economies, by drawing on existing historical bonds”.

Current shareholders of IIB are 9 sovereign states: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cuba, Hungary, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Vietnam.

IIB is focused on medium and long-term financing of projects aimed at support of economic development of its member countries with an environmental and social impact. The Bank provides loans directly, in collaboration with other banks or through financial intermediaries.

Key focus:

  • Project finance
  • Trade operations between member states with an emphasis on integration
  • Modernization and renovation of infrastructure
  • SME support
  • Sustainable development

IIB current loan portfolio includes projects in all of 9 shareholder countries in such key strategic sectors as agriculture, transport, energy, telecommunications, food industry.

Bank Headquarters are in the process of relocation from Moscow, Russia to Budapest, Hungary.

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