International Investor Award Winner


QStone Capital was founded in 2016 by Jeroen M. Tielman, who has more than 30 years of experience in investment banking and asset management. QStone Capital connects innovative “water treatment for re-use” technologies with projects and capital, mainly in India and Europe. While doing this, QStone develops unique sustainable investment opportunities, linked to SDG 6.

Water treatment for re-use often generates a double income stream: one from fees paid by the polluter and one from the cleaned water’s sale revenues (and of other reclaimed resources). Water treatment costs can be reduced by applying innovative (but proven) technologies. Like in other sectors, SMEs are an important source of innovation. In the circular water economy, industries and governments can be both a supplier of waste water as well as a buyer of reclaimed resources.

QStone makes the connection by translating water treatment technologies into a bankable business case.

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