International Investor Award Winner


Incorporated in 2008, Wari is a digital platform offering value added financial and non-financial services to customers, businesses, Institutions and merchants. Its innovative platform, leader in West Africa, available in more than 60 countries 500,000 outlets worldwide and 45,000 paying points in Africa, provides a wide range of products and services. Wari operates more than 1 million transactions per day representing more than 6 billion USD of annual flows and a 15% annual growth rate. Wari has created more than 45000 jobs (27,000 in Senegal) and records 212 million users to this day.

Financial services: Remittance, Wari account, Wari payment card, insurances

Day to day services: water and electricity bill payment, pensions, scholarships and salary payments, TV subscription, airtime, lotteries, Wari Shopping, Wari Taxi.

The Wari platform is linked to more than 152 Banks and 800 Micro Finance Institutions. Wari services are available everywhere and on MyWari (Web and mobile App).

Wari’s objective is to promote financial and social inclusion for all, and to be the leader of the new global digital economy.

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