International Investor Award Winner

BAC Credomatic

Best ESG Initiatives  //  LATAM  //  2023
Best Banking Group  //  LATAM  //  2023


BAC Credomatic is the leading financial services provider in Central America. The bank offers financial products and services to over 3.6 million clients across Central America and employs over 21,000 people. With over 65 years of experience, BAC Credomatic is #1 in assets, deposits, and receivables in the region, and also the leader in digital banking.

The bank was founded in 1952 as Banco de América Central in Nicaragua, and quickly became the leader in the credit card business. The bank gradually expanded to neighbouring countries and, in the 90s, became the first truly regional financial services provider in Central America, with presence in all six countries: Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

The bank was acquired by the Colombian holding company Grupo Aval through the Banco de Bogotá subsidiary. This has allowed BAC Credomatic to expand its product offerings and bring best practices to the region, while retaining the focus on continuous improvement, excellence, and innovation.

BAC Credomatic’s firm commitment to being a customer-centric financial entity has allowed the bank to embrace the industry’s technological advances and innovate on its digital products. BAC Credomatic’s online banking platform has over one million active users, with 75% of all customer interactions done via online.

BAC Credomatic fosters a vision that is focused both on its customers and the development of Central America as a region. Using the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as guiding principles, BAC Credomatic has focused its sustainability strategy on three dimensions: people, planet, and prosperity. Over the last ten years, BAC Credomatic has educated close to 1 million people in financial literacy, a move that ensures more people can access financial services, make informed decisions, and utilise the products and services that the bank offers, in a responsible and productive manner.

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