International Investor Award Winner

Euro Exim Bank

Euro Exim Bank Limited is an innovative global financial institution with its head office in St. Lucia and a representative office in London.

We hold a “Class A” international banking license from Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of St. Lucia so we can conduct business with third parties across industries and geographies worldwide, exercising strong due diligence, full compliance and operational excellence in our processes.

We cater to a range of trade finance instruments such as instant letters of credit, corporate bank accounts, letters of credit, stand-by letters of credit, international wire transfers, bank guarantees, and trade credit lines.

There is a supervised practice of strong Anti-Money Laundering compliance policy and a comprehensive Know-Your-Customer process and our competent team of specialist are highly trained to detect, deter and prevent the use of Euro Exim Bank as a conduit for illegal activities.

We deploy the latest technology to ensure uninterrupted payment processing and issuance of trade finance instruments from a single point within a shorter period of time.

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