International Investor Award Winner

Euro Exim Bank

Most Innovative Global Trade Services Bank // 2021

Euro Exim Bank Ltd, is a regulated, supervised bank, authorised with a Class ‘A’ international banking license from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of St. Lucia (FSRA), and a proud member of the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

We are an innovative financial institution serving registered SME’s and corporates engaged in import and export businesses, facilitating authenticated trade finance instructions around the globe. Geographical presence St. Lucia office is our registered Headquarters, managing regulatory reporting, audit, providing compliance checks. With local staff, a resident director and MLRO there, activity includes overseeing the fitness and supervisory health of the company including management approvals for all transactions.

We also have a registered Representative Office in London, and work with a developing network of agents and partners support local buyers for full trade service offerings in multiple jurisdictions. Back-office software development and additional processes are managed in Chennai, with further agents and partners in 30 countries, including UAE, India, Malaysia, Zambia, USA, South Africa, specifically to serve the markets and opportunities across the Africa and Asia continents.

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