International Investor Award Winner


Ethical Investment Innovation of the Year // 2020

G-Coin believes gold is a powerful wealth protector and they’ve made it their mission to make it more sustainable and accessible to everyone.

G-Coin is a digital title of ownership to Responsible GoldTM. 1 G-Coin token equals 1 gram of conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold; which has been tracked and registered in their blockchain from miner, to refiner, to vault. Unlike cryptocurrencies, G-Coin is a digital representation of a real asset. They have combined the best qualities of traditional gold – stability, security, and value confidence – with the benefits of digital currency innovation. This gives users the freedom to send and receive value instantly, and at no cost from the convenience of the G-Coin app.

With headquarters in Houston, Texas; G-Coin is currently available in selected states of the United States, with plans to launch in new markets in 2021.

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