International Investor Award Winner

Winland Wealth Management

Most Distinguished Wealth Management Firm of the Year - East Asia 2020

Winland is a unique wealth management firm providing exclusive investment services to local and offshore investors. The company connects clients with the world by offering a global platform of investment choices supported by a group of professional expertise. Committed to servicing wealthy families and privileged individuals for half a century, their core principle is to focus on understanding clients’ needs and delivering solutions according to their objectives and risk profile. Through dedicated services, diversified platforms and tailored investment solutions; Winland has become a trustworthy wealth management firm where investors can depend on them as their reliable financial advisor.

Winland Wealth Management has access to over 50 global exchanges and a vast range of financial services including stocks, bonds, ETPs, funds, and structured products. In addition, they offer various alternative investment choices including real estate investments (e.g. residential, property development and hotel properties), direct forestry investment, physical commodities (e.g. gold, diamonds and gemstones), rare and fine liquor (e.g. casks, vintage Scotch Whisky), private equity, private debt, venture capital, fine arts and a variety of life and general insurance products as part of overall protection just to highlight a few.

Winland has also refined a client-centric, risk-appropriate technique, and tailored portfolio strategy in the selection of investments. This is very different to other “run-of-the-mill” brokerage houses or banks where they may not have such ability to do so.

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