International Investor Award Winner

Crown Agents Bank

Crown Agents Bank (‘CAB’) is a UK regulated, wholesale provider of foreign exchange, international payments, cash management, cross-border pensions and trade finance services in G10, frontier and emerging markets. The bank also operates in OECD countries and the developing markets of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

CAB’s in-depth financial market experience spans almost two centuries. This long history of commitment to excellence means CAB has an extensive network of global partners, strong international relationships, and the expertise to deliver efficient, scalable services to facilitate trade and commerce between its focus markets. It provides a key link to moving money where it’s needed, for governments, payment companies, pension schemes, financial institutions, and international development organisations.

A trusted brand, CAB has a long-term commitment to opening and maintaining safer cross border trade corridors with frontier and emerging countries with a deep commitment to enhancing financial inclusion in the process. The work we do has an impact felt by people everywhere. We help local banks engage on the world stage and support emerging economies to overcome challenges to financial inclusion.

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