International Investor Award Winner

Ezdehar Management

Mid-Cap Fund Manager of the Year // MENA 2021

Ezdehar is an independent investment manager that is focused on mid cap companies in Egypt. Since its launch in 2014, Ezdehar has established a strong track record of success and is proud to have worked with several family-owned businesses on growing and institutionalizing them. Ezdehar’s investor base includes reputable international finance institutions including FMO, CDC, EBRD and EIB, as well as other notable family offices and high net worth individuals. To date, the firm made several investments across a range of sectors, almost completing deployment of our first fund and positioning Ezdehar firmly as a leading private equity player in the Egyptian market. The fund has consistently delivered superior returns on its investments by following a rigorous investment process, strong portfolio management, and world-class reporting and communications.

Ezdehar aims to identify and partner with successful businesses who are seeking investment that is coupled with true partnership to accelerate growth, unlock value, and create lasting legacies. By leveraging on a highly diverse team that combines local insight, international experience, and familiarity with the financial, operational, and people aspects of businesses, Ezdehar can help create strong and sustainable businesses and work diligently, with a ‘sleeves rolled-up’ attitude, to guide and enable them to thrive.

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