International Investor Award Winner

GCM Yatırım

Best FX & CDF Broker // Turkey 2020

As GCM Yatırım, we are delighted to have you in the trading world.

In today’s volatile global financial markets, investors try various means to achieve effective returns in a relatively short period of time. FX trading grows by more than 500% per year, due to the exciting opportunities it offers to investors, and its accessibility. This huge growth led to a period of development bereft of any controls and supervision. However recently, CMB, authorized by the legislative, introduced substantial regulations, which have yet to be put into force in many foreign countries. This provided Forex markets a respectable place and standing in Turkey.

Regardless of the level of the trader, we offer a suitable trading platform, Android and iPhone applications to make your account accessible on anywhere on the globe, a web based trading platform added for flexibility, all offered as part of a trading platform package accessible with a single click. GCM Yatırım clients are free to access their accounts and trade freely through the application of their choice.

Our client’s satisfaction lie at the heart of our world, and it makes us race against ourselves in this most important quest.

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