International Investor Award Winner

Sylvain Vieujot

REIT CEO of the Year // UAE 2022

An entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in creating, expanding and listing companies, Mr. Vieujot is the visionary behind industry leaders such as (Listed on the French Stock Market – Alternet of Euronext), Equitativa, and the Enata Group.

After arriving in the UAE in 2006, Mr. Vieujot recognised that real estate was one of the main drivers of Dubai’s economic growth and it seemed to be the ideal time to start what turned out to

be the largest Shari’a compliant Emirates Real Estate Investment Trust in the world. Mr. Vieujot transferred the holding company of “Société de la Tour Eiffel” - the first French listed REIT (SIIC) from Luxembourg to the Dubai International Financial Centre in 2006 and founded Equitativa Dubai and Emirates REIT. Today, Mr. Vieujot is the CEO and Deputy Chairman of the REIT Manager, Equitativa Dubai Limited as well as the co-founder and Chairman of the Equitativa Group, a group of companies that specialise in creating and managing financial products in emerging markets and particularly Real Estate Investment Trusts.

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