International Investor Award Winner

Lawsons Network

Best Independent Financial Advisor // Europe 2023

Established in 2021 with a vision to redefine the conventional network model, Lawsons Network has swiftly grown to be a paragon of innovation in the SaaS IFA network sphere. Our commitment? To empower advisers, from nimble independent consultants to expansive international firms, granting them unparalleled freedom and flexibility to cultivate their enterprise.

But we aren't just another network service. Our revolutionary plug-in-and-go approach is sculpting a new narrative in the industry. While advisers cherish unrestrained autonomy over client relationships and the liberty to meet their bespoke targets, they also have the choice between the illustrious Lawsons Wealth retail umbrella or representing under their distinguished brand as Appointed Representatives.

What sets Lawsons Network apart?

  • Revolutionary Tech: Our avant-garde cloud-based multicurrency system not only includes sophisticated features like cash flow modelling, digital signatures, and biometric AML checks but is also the linchpin of our commitment to efficiency and adaptability.

  • Unparalleled Compensation: We pride ourselves on market-leading commission rates, coupled with rapid payouts and daily commission dispensations.
  • The Lawsons Investment Committee: Our dedicated team, committed to curating tailored portfolio solutions, vigilantly monitors securities and continually supports our network with insightful marketing and commentary.
  • Global Affiliations: Our footprint stretches across the globe, marked by an array of dynamic product providers and affiliations with regulatory bodies such as FINMA in Switzerland. Moreover, we're compliant with Europe's IDD, MiFID, and have collaborative ties with entities regulated by the SCA and SEC.
  • Championing Gender Equality: Stepping beyond mere representation, our predominantly female core team signifies our dedication to fostering genuine gender equality, reshaping the contours of financial services.

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