International Investor Award Winner

OENO Group

Best Global Wine & Whisky Investment Firm // 2023
Best Global Wine Investment Firm // 2022
Best Global Wine Investment Firm // 2021  

Founded in 2015, Oeno Group is a personalised wine investment advisory service that adopts a contemporary approach to wine investment, born out of a vision to make the fine wine market accessible to all regardless of their exposure to or experience of the industry. The firm's rapid global expansion, spearheaded by Doerr, affirms his statement with offices now located across the world including the UK,  America, Australia, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. 

Michael Doerr, Oeno Group's founder and CEO, has been passionate about luxury assets and wine from a very early age, starting his first business buying and selling high-performance sports horses at just 14 years of age. Mr. Doerr went on to start and manage three luxury asset companies across the world and taking Oeno Group from a money-losing start-up to a multi-award-winning firm with the world's leading fine wines and whiskies.

Oeno is an investment advisory service where clients are carefully guided in regards to collecting wine and whisky and diversifying their investment portfolios. The company harnesses the skillsets of financial analysts and wine and whisky experts to ensure that clients receive both quality advice and access to prestigious wines. 

It describes itself as 'true pioneers in fine wine investment trailblazing a path through under-the-radar producers and revolutionising the way collectors interact with this unique market.'

A novel feature of Oeno's offer is access to its extensive network of top restaurant and trade clients (OenoTrade) and luxury central London boutique (OenoHouse), which provide profitable liquidation pathways for investors during their investment lifecycle and offer wineries the opportunity to supply their best wines at their apex of maturity – services which other wine investment companies are unable to match.


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