International Investor Award Winner


Most Innovative Plastic Waste Conversion Firm  //  2022-2023

WPU - Waste Plastic Upcycling A/S (WPU.OL) WPU - Waste Plastic Upcycling A/S is a danish company which converts plastic waste into valuable products to be used in the production of sustainable plastic oil, which can be used to produce new plastics as well as jet fuel and heavy

transportation. The strategy and main goal of WPU - Waste Plastic Upcycling A/S is to upcycle end-of-life plastic waste by using its batch pyrolysis technology. The company aims for further expansion, in the European market as well as globally.

WPU is well positioned for this expansion with its proven technology that is peer-leading in respect of low CAPEX, high yield and fast pace construction which will set the future standards in the growing market for plastic pyrolysis within the waste plastic industry.

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