12th April 2018


Al Kasir Group Based In Dubai Launches Three Crypto Assets Backed By Diamonds

Al Kasir group is a group of cryptocurrency investors which founded the Al Kasir jewellery trading and the Al Kasir online portal which is used in the marketing of precious gems and physical diamonds; it is also involved in the private blockchain technology based digital assets. The Al Kasir group is undoubtedly moving the digital markets and expected to in no distant time make a great impact, as they gradually gain increased popularity in the online market. This they able to pull due to special offer that entices users. The Al Kasir group is based in United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be Precise; it evolved as a joint venture with the private investment office of Sheikh Ahmed ‘bin Obaid Al Maktoum, a member of the UAE’s ruling family. The group has been able to launch three crypto assets backed by certified diamonds.

It is quite something of note that cryptocurrencies making use of the blockchain technology is gaining popularity among individuals, industries and even the government. Since, cryptocurrencies have some unexplained features such as being potential to huge price corrections, and serves as a poor store of value and exchange means. For this reason most institutions are still very skeptical about cryptocurrencies and see it to be of speculative attributes that are fluctuating. For this, the founder and director of the Al Kasir group, Amit Lakhanpal suggested the importance of a more guaranteed alternative to avoid the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies. And that is what the Al Kasir group is up to.

At this time everything is more of speculation than guarantee, the world is just about to witness the very first of its kind in the crypto market, and it is the three crypto assets backed by certified diamonds. Just the mere thought of it being backed by real life asset, anyone can rest assured be guaranteed of its authenticity in storing and converting values in real assets in which they are based.

The plans by the Al Kasir group to establish a thousand stores across the world would make it equally the very first time crypto assets are sold across the counter.

The Al Kasir group made it known that during the first four phases of the initials crypto asset offering that buyers will be given physical diamonds and equally a bonus through the online shopping portal of the company. Buyers are expected to come from all social, economic and financial segments.

Buyers are promised to get crypto assets along with the diamond when they purchase. Lakhanpal is an Indian entrepreneur and property developer who also owns a cryptocurrency exchange that is licensed in Estonia and equally based there. The group also made it known that these crypto assets once purchased can be used to subsequently procure a range of products which equally involves precious stones and perfumes from the shopping portal of the company online. The buyer according to the group can only redeem 50 percent of their purchases in crypto assets, while the remaining will be made through a cash payment, this gives room for future purchases.