5th March 2021

Central & South America

Benefits of the Advance Declaration of Goods in Guatemala and Honduras

Guatemala and Honduras implement the first phase of the Advance Declaration of Goods in order to facilitate the passage of land cargo transportation at the Integrated Border Post of Corinto.

This Advance Declaration of Goods must be consigned through the Central American Single Declaration for Goods Originating from the Party States (DUCA-F). And it must be submitted electronically to the customs authorities, prior to the arrival of the cargo shipments at the border customs.

In this first phase, the procedure can only be carried out for the Integrated Customs of Corinto.

Some of the benefits include:

- Reduction of time in the passage of goods across the border.

- Expedited customs clearance.

- Cost’s reduction.

- Personalized attention.

- Reduction of lines of means of cargo transportation prior to entering the Integrated Border Post.

- Prior compliance with non-tariff regulations (Permits, certifications and authorizations).

- Results of green selectivity for both countries and that the merchandise does not require the intervention of other authorities, with this the means of transport will go directly to the facilitation center.

In accordance with the customs authorities, exporters and importers may make use of the DUCA-F Advance Declaration through the computer systems of the single windows of each country.

In the case of Honduras, all exports with DUCA-F through the Export Procedures Center (CENTREX) of the Ministry of Economic Development, while for Guatemala it will be done through the Single Window for Exports (VUPE).