19th December 2021

Central & South America

Bradesco and BTG Pactual Receive Awards by International Investor Magazine

Two companies, two stories of innovation and purpose.

Certainly, 2021 has been a tough year, the pandemic has brought immense pressure to all of us in every aspect of life, a period of time that we’ll surely won’t forget in the decades to come. Here at International Investor Magazine we’ve felt the impact as well, but in the same way most of you are doing right now, our goal is to continue despite the hurdles that we’ll inexorably face in the future.

In such critical times, institutional transparency and efficiency is key since extraordinary problems require exceptional solutions. In that same tone, we would like to take the precise time to recognize some of the most important work in business, investment and finance during this complicated but hopeful year.

Acknowledgment and Prizes

Bradesco is one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil and Latin America, with more than 5300 branches; its worldwide reach is undisputable. Founded in 1943 in Marilia, São Paulo under the principles of innovation and cooperation, its customer-centric culture has been outstanding, with examples like being pioneers in the use of ATM biometric reading systems, and the notable success of their Banco24Horas endeavour.

Bradesco is changing the way in which people think about banking and finances in Latin America, and for that, International Investor Magazine has great pleasure in giving three important awards to this institution, such as:

● Most Transparent Bank // LATAM 2021.

● Most Innovative Bank // LATAM 2021.

● Excellence in ESG // Brazil 2021.

In the same way that Bradesco is reshaping its environment, we would like to also recognize the integral work that BTG Pactual is currently doing in Colombia. As one of the most prestigious financiers in South America, the presence of BTG Pactual is strong and crucial for the development of highly impactful initiatives in the region.

Founded in Brazil at the start of the 1980s, BTG Pactual is the largest investment bank in Latin America and the Caribbean, its services range from loans and acquisitions to wealth planning and market analyses. With one of the most diversified clienteles in the world, BTG Pactual knows how to propel future generations of investors into a new age of globalisation, and sustainable business operations.

For that and more, International Investor Magazine is giving the following award to BTG Pactual.

● Best Investment Banking Services // Colombia 2021.

Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in the world since the 2000s, the alliance of the private and public sector has been essential to such success, Bradesco and BTG Pactual recognize the importance of such cooperation, and that level of commitment and leadership deserves recognition.

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