19th July 2018


Chinese Company DiDi Wants to Get $1.5 Billion From Investors—Safe Bet?

With its recent food delivery service, DiDi now has enough solutions to compete in any market.

DiDi is a ride-sharing and advanced technology conglomerate founded by Cheng Wei, it offers transportation services to +450 million users in 400 cities all over China, and various experts are assuring the possibility of having an IPO (initial public offering) up to $1.5 billion; predictions about 2019 are really good for the company and investors want to have a slice of the coming success.

Two strong partners that are taking a strong stance towards this event, these are the SoftBank Group and the Booking Holdings Incorporated, with an addition of $2.5 billion to this vast money pool. We have to remember that DiDi’s market valuation is around $56 billion according to a recent fundraising round that cleared all the doubts that skeptics had before.

These are some services that DiDi provides:

  • Car rental and sales
  • Maintenance
  • Gas service
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Taxi hailing
  • Bus, test driving, enterprise solutions
  • Social ride-sharing

Now present in numerous markets worldwide, like: Brazil, Australia, Mexico and Southeast Asia, DiDi has a mobile app where users can get a cab, a bus or a shared ride. These achievements come from a widely popular victory in Mainland China when the company bought in 2016 all of Uber’s market share inside the country. Nobody knows with certainty the specific date of the listing, but we can be sure that the place will be: Hong Kong.