19th May 2022

Countdown to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will take place on 22—26 May 2022.

The Annual Meeting 2022 brings together over 2,000 leaders and experts from around the globe, all committed to the ‘Davos Spirit’ of improving the state of the world. The 2022 meeting convenes against the backdrop of a pandemic at the most significant geopolitical and geo-economic moment of the past three decades.

The partners are many of the largest leading corporations, banks and investment funds in the world. This is a key date on the calendar of any investor, and not to be missed!

The meeting embodies the World Economic Forum’s philosophy of collaborative, multistakeholder impact. It provides a uniquely collaborative environment in which to reconnect, share insights, gain fresh perspectives, and build problem-solving communities and initiatives. Against a backdrop of deepening global frictions and fractures, it will be the starting point for a new era of global responsibility and cooperation.

The key themes of 2022, being discussed across a wide range of panels made up of global experts, key stakeholders and thought-leaders, are: Climate and Nature, Fairer Economics, Tech and Innovation, Jobs and Skills, Better Business, Health and Healthcare, Global Cooperation and Society and Equity.

The first panel begins at 08:00 CEST. Panels and discussions happen hourly until 18:00 CEST. Details of the programme can be found at the 2022 programme. The forum can also be followed across social media under #WEF22.