10th July 2023


Lynceus Partners, a global fintech company headquartered in Switzerland, specialises in offering structured products and private debt for finance professionals, asset managers, family offices, and private banks. Founded in 2017 by Patrick Chotard, Lynceus Partners combines human expertise with technology to design customised investment solutions using their proprietary digital platform called ARGO. One of the most complete platforms, ARGO has helped Lynceus Partners quickly gain a prominent position in the market.

“Innovation is at the heart of the company and has always been a priority for both ARGO and its people,” said Patrick Chotard.

In just over six years, Lynceus Partners has grown to boast 50 employees in eight offices across Europe, Africa, Asia, & the Middle East, with an extensive network of 1,900 Investors and over 30 partnerships with major investment banks worldwide – a testament to their continued success and accelerated growth.

Clear Sight and Strong Strategies

Coupled with its visionary outlook and a new approach to the financial sector, Lynceus Partners has been able to grow exponentially and thrive in the industry.

Patrick gave some insight, “Our approach is new as it refocuses the investor at the heart of needs, not especially in the finance-gain aspect, but because we are convinced that people must buy something they understand and want.”

Whilst transparency isn’t something that is emphasised enough in the industry, Lynceus Partners discloses everything on their platform ARGO; from the legal contracts to fees. Clients get access to a greater number of banking partners for pricing comparison, well above the industry norm, as well as daily investment ideas to enhance their experience. Products are only created after the needs of the individual have been understood, allowing for products to be fully customisable and tailor-made.

“Structured products, when I started my career more than ten years ago in investment banking, were only available to those with a million euros in assets. Today, we are democratising this by making a tailor-made product available from €100,000,” Patrick added.ARGO – Streamlining Investment Solutions with Technology

ARGO has already been accessed by almost 2000 investors with 90,000 pricing requests and 800,000 quotes.

“Clients were looking for better issuer risk diversification and I realised that a digital experience was still missing in this field. That's why, at Lynceus Partners, technology is an integral part of our approach and ARGO was created to streamline the investment process,” explained Patrick.

ARGO has three main areas of focus: reporting, multi-pricing, and product analysis automation.

The platform can reduce the tedious process of building a structured product from three to four hours to just a few minutes. Additionally, the platform integrates functionalities that allow the adviser to follow their client from the pre-trade to the post-trade phase with real-time notifications. The entire process on ARGO is seamless and done in the most efficient and effective way in terms of time and price.

“ARGO is not just a digital enabler and a tool aimed at finance professionals,” the CEO added, “but it also makes life easier for those less familiar with structured products.” The platform offers a simplified process for specifying the desired product characteristics and a glossary that explains which values to include in the request and what options are available. Additionally, it is possible to create white-label ad hoc marketing material and information reports on the investment solution following their branding guidelines.Harnessing the Vision of Lynceus Partners through the Argonauts“Our greatest strength is our people.” – Patrick Chotard

Lynceus Partners believes in the power of collaboration, not only among their employees but also with clients and partners. Their young and dynamic professionals inject diverse energy and innovative ideas to create a culture of continuous learning and development. With a diverse workforce of experienced professionals from over 15 nationalities and a strong external network, the company provides its clients with international expertise and access to a wide range of products and services.

Each international office is an independent business unit, enabling Lynceus Partners to adapt to local markets and offer additional product offerings. In Patrick’s words, “Lynceus Partners is built on entrepreneurial spirit, and this is reflected through the dedication, hard work, and relentless efforts of our team.”

The Lynceus Partners Legacy

Lynceus Partners is committed to social responsibility, promoting sustainability, and making a positive impact beyond their business operations. “We launched a proprietary ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) product investing in the Top 30 Companies in Europe with the highest positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals,” stated Patrick.

The company is no stranger to the limelight, having received several accolades and awards that stand as a testament to its innovative approach in the industry.

In 2022, their ARGO platform received the SRP Europe 2022 award for Best Structured Product Technological Solution. They were also honoured with the Prix de la Rédaction award in the Gestion Collective - Produits Structurés - Broker category at Les Pyramides de la Gestion de Patrimoine. Lynceus Partners also won the WealthBriefingAsia Award 2022 in the Structured Products Solutions – PAN-ASIA category, as well as the Structured Products Provider award in Switzerland at the onset of 2023.

The Sky is the LimitTo close, in the words of Patrick Chotard, "We are committed to delivering exceptional service, promoting sustainability, and making a positive impact in the world. We're deeply honoured and grateful to be recognised as the Most Innovative Structure Products Investment Firm from International Investor this year. Our success is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are excited to continue our journey of growth and innovation in the years to come."