9th June 2020

Central & South America

I’m in! Helping Central American non-profits grow

Since the launch of the Yo me uno initiative in Costa Rica in 2014, more than 185 organisations have joined the programme, which is now established throughout Central America.

Yo me uno (meaning I’m in) is one of BAC Credomatic’s initiatives focused on the development of Central America. The objective of the platform is to help non-governmental and non-profit organisations grow, through the fundraising platform, as well as through training programmes designed to improve the organisations’ managerial capacity.

"We set out to provide a space where NGOs would make known the work they do and receive support from people and companies that feel identified with their cause," said Monica Nagel, Regional Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability at BAC Credomatic.

Yo me uno is the only regional e-commerce site designed specifically for NGOs and non-profits. Over the past five years, Yo me uno has raised more than $2 million in donations for the different causes registered on the platform. This is in addition to the non-cash donations (think physical goods and volunteer time), which are also donation options that the platform offers.

As part of the Yo me uno programme, BAC Credomatic regularly hosts events and trainings, to enable networking opportunities and promote the exchange of best practices between NGOs and non-profits. Thus, the programme aims to improve the administrative capacity, financial governance, and marketing muscle of these organisations, to allow them to grow sustainably and continue making a positive impact in the countries where they operate.

"During 2019, we had different events in Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, and El Salvador, where we shared experiences and practical tools such as best practices in digital marketing, and provided more information about our regional donation portal. This is an investment we do to support the organisations and their causes, so that they can continue contributing to the growth of our countries," Nagel said.

If you are an NGO or non-profit organisation, or if you want to get involved, please visit www.yomeuno.com, look for your cause of choice, and contribute with just one click!