20th November 2019


Innovating While Remaining Connected To Your Values And Know-How

The rapid development of multi-family services is now competing with the traditional wealth management services provided by private banks. Herculis Partners SA offers high net worth individual (HNWI) clients easy access to unique sets of investment-specialised vehicles, including hedge funds, private equity, special situations in its dedicated geographical areas, aimed at steady and regular performances. By offering a tailor-made management service, including non-financial services with high added value for the family, these structures have succeeded in attracting a demanding clientele.

So how can Herculis Partners continue to innovate as a multi-family office? By listening to their clients and to the market and remaining consistent with their know-how and values.

2020: A Key Milestone

2020 is not just another year. It marks the 10th anniversary of Herculis Partners SA’s launch in December 2009. This is definitely a key milestone! Launching a company hot on the heels of a major financial crisis was a risk, the partners needed a strong will and conviction, as well as the right skill set.

Since 2009, the company has grown to 14 professionals and has transformed a small, old-fashioned office in the centre of Porrentruy, Canton du Jura, Switzerland into a completely renovated hub of modernity, as the Headquarters of Herculis Partners SA. Today, the Herculis Group consists of three companies: Herculis Trustees in Zurich, Herculis Partners and Herculis Guardians. But a fourth company is in the works. set to open soon in Liechtenstein: Herculis Capital.

Client satisfaction as a core objective

The initial business model the Herculis Partners started with, as a single-family office in 2009, is a far cry from today’s operations. Diversification, private equity deals and acting as a facilitator for some of the main players in the covered regions, the company has not only grown in size over the years. It has evolved. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the Herculis Partners’s approach to asset management, founded on key investment principles. Growing value for clients in a risk-controlled environment has always been the primary focus. It's not just a concept, it's the cornerstone of the business as it continues to protect and grow clients’ assets.

Always looking to produce the best results, Herculis aims to inform and to advise clients in the financial fields, and act as a facilitator in business negotiations through a vast network of relationships in its geographic areas and greater industrial expertise such as biotech medical industry and fintech.

Subsequently, the company has quickly expanded to become a key intermediary for their customers, opening doors of Swiss institutions and offering relocation services to their clientele. This triggered the launch of the multi-family offices, which has remained a stalwart for the firm over the years.

Sticking to what Herculis Partners knows best, a business model based on a hard-won and sustainable investment skillset as well as open-mindedness in looking at market developments, has worked out well for the past ten years. This isn’t set to change any time soon. Continuity, a rare but cherished feature in the financial world, is definitely a key to the companies’ successes.

A New Offer to Meet New Needs

In a completely restored and highly secure building, Herculis Guardians SA offers an individual safe box rental service. Only one ID, along with signing a normal lease contract, is required, warranting a safe box renting in total discretion.

Herculis Guardians also proposes dedicated vaults with a domestic area and a "Freeport" area. Larger or greater number of goods can therefore be stored in custody such as paintings (in a specially designed, climate-controlled space), precious metals, precious stones and wine over a long-term period in a controlled environment to ensure that the items are kept in perfect condition. The Freeport activities are under the Swiss Custom Administration supervision as the stored items under this regime are VAT exempted during their storage.

Last but not least, in a Global Risk Assessment Report, Herculis Guardians SA has been granted a 'Superior' rating by PROTEKTA Conseils-Risques SA – a Major Insurance Supervisory company - as offering the highest guarantees and security for its safe box rental services, Freeport storage facility and art warehouse.

“The global risk evaluation assessment is a true accomplishment that speaks to our commitment to offer only the highest level of security, service, and experience every day, to every client," said Nikolay Karpenko of Herculis Guardians SA. "Our clients expect nothing less than perfection and know they can count on us for unparalleled security and privacy to protect their most precious assets."

The company has the Swiss authorities’ license to edit Negotiable Warehouse Warrants allowing the client to obtain credit/loans or to transfer the ownership of the goods deposited in Herculis Guardians vaults. Ultimately, Herculis Guardians’ customers benefit from a discreet, inviolable, highly accessible place to store their treasure coupled with a unique high-end service defined by luxury, security and availability.

Looking ahead, Herculis partners are planning to launch fund management services based in Liechtenstein. In the fourth quarter of 2020, you should keep an eye out for a wallet corner (digital wallet) allowing customers to manage their crypto-currencies based on blockchain technology with a private public key, in partnership with a producer in Switzerland.

Success stories like this don’t happen overnight. They’re built on years of hard work and the endless support from the families, business partners and loyal investors. The company is celebrating 10 years since its inception in December 2009 and it’s worth noting that every client, partner and member of staff has contributed to its ongoing success. All among the Herculis Group are very excited for the years to come and happy to welcome new prospects.