26th February 2024

K&B Family Office a partner at the service of wealth management and administration

Panama for its geographical and strategic position is recognized in the region, where multinational companies, high profile people, retirees and tourists identify the potential to visit, reside and even invest in the country. The confidence of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been strengthened, since it has a friendly jurisdiction for visitors in obtaining residences and work permits among others that guarantee a solid country strategy.

The wealth management mission is so appreciated by families with a business or entrepreneurial trajectory, who with years of work have managed to maintain assets that seek to ensure the welfare of future generations and the continuity of their business. Under the vision of wealth management, it is possible to achieve the stability of the assets, and with its dynamism, the family members continue to receive the profits of the economic resources that their progenitors raised during their lifetime and left established beyond their absence. These create a framework of opportunities to preserve the patrimonial assets and the attention of these services through a Family Office.

Speaking of services, do you know what a Family Office is? 

Family Offices are private wealth management firms that allow people with a privileged economic level to maintain full control over their investments, savings and others, even when they are in different countries, optimizing time and resources. 

This concept arose from the need to safeguard and secure the patrimony from generation to generation, so Grupo K&B founded an office for patrimony management. The main advantage of this figure is to have all professionals working together, this allows to maintain a competitive team as a single axis and in a coordinated manner to achieve goals and objectives of each client.

K&B Family Office, is an excellent business ally, offering highly competitive service alternatives from the preparation for the acquisition of a home, legal management of immigration services, representation, tax services, opening bank accounts, investment advice and much more. By having these services, the client will be closer to the management processes, all in one place and will be communicated at all times by receiving reports and the timely updating of the established processes, always maintaining a high performance of the goods and guarantees instituted with the client.

The articulation between the different administrative departments in KBFO, enables an efficient wealth management, offering a dynamic, qualified service, which, in record time, manages the necessary resources and paths of opportunities that best suit the client and investor. Clients who work with a Family Office, act on trust, delegate all or part of their assets, in order to expand and grow their wealth.

K&B FAMILY OFICCE PANAMA "IS A TRUSTED CORPORATE PARTNER" that safeguards and protects you. K&B FAMILY OFFICE, with more than 25 years of international experience specializing in wealth management and founded in Panama in 2007, is recognized by dozens of families in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and other regions. Our team of advisors, with the best consultants and a multidisciplinary team of advisors in estate planning, corporate law, tax planning and structuring, real estate transactions, immigration residency and naturalization, among others, protect and support the profitability of your assets in a coordinated manner.

Unique characteristics and values 

Trust: For Romain Dromard, CEO of K&B Family Office, one of the keys to long-term customer service is to know, understand and segment the needs of each client. This creates a positive experience, i.e., one that caters primarily to the client's or families' aspirations. 

Personalization: the services of a family office are key in wealth management, profitability, loyalty and trust are key in the business, taking advantage of the information capacity to improve its performance, generates a better forecast of the future of the wealth. 

Sophistication: According to Jorge Avila, trustee director, individuals, as well as companies, now have access to multiple connectivity and task development options. KBFO has established a modern and orderly work system, with the ability to keep assets in a trust in a relocated manner so that they can be transferred to the beneficiaries established by the trustor.

Governance: "On the other hand, maintaining a good management allows us to advance towards the objectives established for each client in the development and growth of a constant work, seeking new opportunities, enjoying international reputation and recognition, standing out in the Panamanian market as a reference in wealth management," concluded Ávila.

Transparency: For the legal director, Karyne Mora, transparency is fundamental in any relationship, this generates tranquility and at the same time, allows an effective communication about the results that are pursued, improving the competitiveness, presence and referential of the people who seek to raise the profitability of their wealth valuing where and in which location to settle, but even better when they can enjoy some time for themselves and continue to maintain control of how to distribute and supervise the overvaluation of their wealth. Some statistics show that in almost 60% of the cases the family's money runs out with the children of the person who built the wealth and in 90% of the cases, the family's money is completely gone by the end of the third generation. It is time to take control and make sure that wealth lasts for several generations.

Management Staff 

Romain Dromard

CEO, Managing Partner

Jorge Avila

Head of Fiduciary & Compliance, Partner

Karyne Mora 

Head of Legal, Partner

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