29th November 2021

North America

LOM Financial Group

Founded in 1992, The LOM Financial Group is an award-winning publicly-held, international financial services company, providing a complete range of private investment services and products. Headquartered in Bermuda, with offices in Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Asia and the UK, LOM truly has the global presence to meet client needs.

For almost 30 years we have provided brokerage, custody, asset management and corporate finance services to high net-worth individuals and institutional clients around the world. We pride ourselves on offering a high-service alternative to the world’s largest private banks and investment managers. With a wealth of services at your fingertips, LOM is your premier destination for independent advice from a tax neutral global platform.


Fiduciary Responsibility

We have extensive measures in place to protect your assets. We will not leverage our balance sheet and will maintain a conservative balance.


We take our clients’ security and privacy seriously. We go to great lengths to safeguard your assets and your information from the minute you are accepted as a client.

Objectivity & Independence

We act in your best interests and will provide independent advice; we are not influenced by the interests of a parent bank or investment dealer.

Professional Service

Your dedicated private client relationship management team or broker will provide personal attention to your financial and account administration needs.


The Lines Family have been in the private wealth, trust and banking business for over 7 decades; LOM at its roots is a Family Office. We look at every new relationship as the start of a long-term, intergenerational relationship. These relationships are our core business.


We specialise in developing and managing customised investment strategies. By leveraging our international branch offices, private bankers, and highly qualified Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), we are able to facilitate clients’ investment needs from each of the jurisdictions in which they are located, as well as offer a diverse range of products and portfolios designed to meet individual investment objectives. Our products include award winning 5 star Morningstar rated mutual funds.


LOM is guided by an experienced management team from within an efficient corporate structure. Our in-house portfolio managers, private advisors and trading professionals ensure excellent execution of your investment strategy. We take security and privacy seriously, going to great lengths to safeguard client assets and information from the minute you are accepted as a client.

In addition to experienced in-house managers, our open architecture platform allows us to work hand-in-hand with top-tier third party asset managers in the course of achieving our clients’ goals.


Our primary concern is meeting your needs, with an eye to growing and preserving your capital. Our success is measured by your success. At LOM we know it’s not just your portfolio’s performance that matters, it’s what your portfolio can do for you and your family. It’s our aim to help our clients build a lasting legacy.


“As a future-facing company it is our responsibility to act on the critical concerns of our generation and the next. Ocean conservation is an urgent global issue that is magnified in the jurisdictions we serve, and it demands our support.” Scott G. S. Lines, CEO & President

At LOM we are passionate about building a sustainable future. Our social responsibility is dedicated to ocean conservation — a commitment that is embedded in the spirit of our brand. We contribute annually to nonprofits making a difference to the health of our oceans, the largest ecosystem on our planet that supports all forms of life and absorbs nearly a third of our carbon emissions.

The LOM Financial Group is a publicly-held, international financial services company, providing a complete range of private investment services and products, with subsidiaries in Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman, Manila and the UK.  In business for almost 30 years, LOM provides brokerage, custody, asset management, and corporate finance services to its primarily high net-worth individual and institutional customers around the world. LOM Financial Limited is publicly listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (symbol LOM.BH), and is the parent to its regulated subsidiaries – LOM Financial (Bermuda) Ltd, LOM Financial (Bahamas) Ltd, LOM Asset Management Ltd, and Global Custody & Clearing Ltd.