8th April 2018


Marketing Options for A Start up Business in Asia

We are all used to large multinational corporations making big shots in profit. I bet we have been forced to the belief that only large companies, perhaps from foreign continents, could pitch a tent in Asian soil and drive a lot of sales because of their financial muscle. Unknown to many people is that we have our people starting up business from scratch and engaging the right marketing strategies and eventually making it in our competitive market.

Thus, not only are foreigners investing in these countries, Asians themselves are also investing in these humongous markets. Companies from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India etc. are making it big in the market.

Weird Strategies

However, beginning something isn't very difficult but sustaining it is quite a task. One needs to implement the right kind of strategies, estimate correctly and invest the proper amount of money for a startup business to succeed. All of this looks easy on paper but it is a task to accomplish on a practical basis. It is by no means an easy thing to do.

According to statistical numbers, people in the entire Asia community are establishing new ventures majorly in the social media, marketing, finance, stockbroking, event management, publishing etc. For, this is the trend of the day and not many go by the engineering route these days. People are continuously perusing newer professions that are creative. Thus, this paves way for startups and a large number of companies have lined up in the continent of Asia.

Mobile Phone Marketing

Mobile phones are used by billions of people worldwide. For the record, every single person in India, for instance, has a phone. Therefore, investing time and money in mobile marketing is one of the most effective ways to get the message to everyone. Even if you don't want to send the message to everyone, selective and targeted mobile market is very much possible. You may choose to market some products to a particular niche of customers through targeted mobile marketing which is absolutely possible even if you have just started.

Internet and TV advertising

Apart from shooting an advertising message to each and every mobile number, launching apps in the market is also one of the ways of getting your new business known. Create an app, launch one and advertise it on the television and internet. You are bound to get leads. However, this is a risky venture and investment may not always yield results.

A lot of marketing gurus are from the point of view that the marketing strategy ought to include everything from internet i.e. PC to mobile to television. If need be, have a separate strategy for each of these platforms whilst keeping the target audience in mind. However, all 3 need to be inter-related so that potential customers can easily connect with the brand rather than fragmentation and reconnection.

Branding through Events

Lastly, not to forget the introduction of interesting events and contests, in order to gain a stronger standing in the market. A contest keeps a large number of customers hooked and helps in spreading the word. Thus, it also helps in spreading the brand name by word of mouth. It is at this stage that a start-up can indulge in branding themselves, slowly and gradually.