20th February 2022

MultiBank Group Wins ‘Best Global Forex Group Award’ and Expands Presence in Cryptocurrency

As a pioneer in the global exchange industry, MEX Digital is a natural first step to cater to more investors while maintaining tight regulatory compliance. MultiBank Group has closely followed the cryptocurrency industry, searching for opportunities to give clients exposure to more financial instruments.

Leading broker with heavy regulatory compliance

One of MultiBank Group’s competitive advantage is its heavy regulatory compliance. In 16 years of activity, MultiBank Group has built an exclusive security system that segregates each client account while providing settlement facilities for each stakeholder, maintaining the highest level of security of funds.

Undeniably, security and trust are at the core when it comes to trading and finance. Thus, MultiBank Group has worked for more than a decade to implement the safest and most effective measures to secure their customers’ investments.

As a result, regulation has been at the forefront of MultiBank Group’s efforts to become one of the most trusted financial derivatives brokers worldwide. The group and its subsidiaries are regulated by 10 regulators across five continents. To facilitate a seamless trading experience while always keeping investors assets secure, they have approval from these regulatory bodies: Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA),Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin), Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), and other reputable regulatory bodies across the globe.

They offer consumer protection and enforce laws to protect consumers from their respective countries. It is also registered with regulatory bodies from Austria, UAE, and the British Virgin Islands, allowing MultiBank Group to have a global presence while maintaining compliance with the major regulatory authorities worldwide.

Further, since its inception, MultiBank Group has been relentlessly focusing on keeping investors’ assets safe. This builds a high level of trust between both parties and guarantees that nothing slips through the cracks of financial regulators. Being heavily regulated across all five continents, with 10 regulatory bodies, ensures that investors’ assets are always secure.

Record-Breaking Performance and high-level trust

MultiBank Group continuously achieves record-breaking performance. They had a record US$5 trillion turnover in 2020, which exceeded their US$1.9 trillion turnover in 2019. This astounding 163% increase, in addition to their heavy compliance, multiple awards, and top facilities proves why clients worldwide can trust MultiBank Group. The financial results for the year 2020 mark yet another milestone for MultiBank Group and it is a testament to the financial strength and ambitious growth plans of the Group.

Here are a few highlights of MultiBank Group:

● MultiBank Group is comprised of several entities that are regulated by ASIC, BAFIN, CNMV, FMA, DFSA, TFG, HKCE, AUSTRAC, FSC and CIMA.

● Paid-up capital of over $322 million 

● 40+ awards, including ‘Best Global FX & CFD Broker’ 

● Fully segregated client accounts 

● Best rebate structures for institutional customers, brokers, and banks 

● Guaranteed withdrawals of funds within 24 hours

A wide and diverse range of financial instruments for any investor

Access to various financial instruments is necessary to mobilize your private investment and get better returns. MultiBank Group offers 15000+ products across 6 asset classes:

● Forex

● Shares

● Metals

● Indices

● Commodities

● Cryptocurrencies

Along with its financial instruments, MultiBank Group’s cutting-edge trading platforms offer groundbreaking levels of stability and reliability for a great trading experience. No matter your skill level as a trader, MultiBank Group offers its esteemed customers a variety of account options so that they can get the best out of their capital.

What makes MultiBank Group different?

“We have been at the frontier of the forex exchange industry. We have witnessed its exponential growth and shaped it too,” the chairman Naser Taher stated. “Being early adopters of technology, we launched a fully transparent electronic forex and financial derivatives exchange.”

MultiBank Group is constantly looking to add the latest technology and finding new trends to achieve its goal of global expansion. For investors seeking a secure way to invest their capital, MultiBank Group’s investors can benefit from several of their offerings:

● 15,000+ instruments and up to 500:1 leverage. Starting with 0.0* pips on major instruments and 10 cents on gold.

● Benefit from the highest levels of security of funds with segregated accounts.

● Instant and guaranteed withdrawal and transactions within 24 hours.

● 25+ Global Offices including Australia, Austria, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China (five branches), Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, and more.

● Copy-trading so clients can copy trades from profitable traders within seconds.

MultiBank Group has exceeded expectations by having a strong worldwide client base of over 320,000 and a daily trading volume of over US$7 billion.

The way of the future – MEX Digital

By introducing MEX Digital, MultiBank Group aims to become a major player in the cryptocurrency markets. Boasting the latest trading technology and the most advanced CRM out there, fully ready to promote their cryptocurrency exchange.

MultiBank Group’s new spot cryptocurrency exchange, MEX Digital, is a regulated exchange with secured regulatory approval from a major regulator and it recently obtained regulatory approval from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission(ASIC).

Furthermore, MEX Digital was recently registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre(AUSTRAC). With investor protection at the forefront, MEX Digital will cater to individuals who are seeking more exposure to the cryptocurrency space while always keeping their assets secure. Thus, MEX Digital makes investing in cryptocurrencies safe, ensuring every investor the minimal spillover risk, adding it as a high reward asset to their financial instruments.

With heavy investments in technology and regulation, MEX Digital is ready to open its operations in Q3 2021.