20th April 2023


Nissan China to go 80% Electric by 2030

Japanese auto giant Nissan is aiming to bring out seven Chinese models that are 80% electrified by 2030.

Nissan’s chief operating officer Ashwani Gupta revealed the target at the Shanghai auto show on Tuesday.

He said that Chinese customers were no longer accepting EVs as their main car and that Nissan had to make their products more competitive to fight domestic rivals. 

On the same day at the auto show, Nissan unveiled a new electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) at the show where he also pledged the firm’s commitment to the Chinese auto market, which it said was likely to continue to pioneer the rise of electric cars.

Nissan it faces increasing pressure and the threat of declining market share in China from the rise of home-grown auto companies.

The company’s new vehicle, called the Arizon, will offer a virtual personal assistant, dubbed Eporo, and feature a low centre of gravity while lacking structural pillars, a move Gupta said enhances the car’s spacious interior.