19th May 2023

Central & South America

NTS invests R$7.5bn in new projects

The development of block BM-C-33, in the pre-salt area of Campos Basin, Rio de Janeiro, will enhance Brazil’s capacity to produce natural gas.

With an estimated investment of R$7.5 billion throughout the next five years, the projects include the doubling of natural gas compressor stations in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and a gas pipeline connecting Taubaté (São Paulo) to Rio, as well as the construction of new compressor stations. The works will duplicate NTS’s network to 25 million cubic meters per day (m³/day).

NTS’s package of projects depended on decisions by the oil companies for this set of initiatives to get off the drawing board. Two “triggers” have recently been activated: one is BM-C-33, which has Equinor, Petrobras, and Repsol Sinopec as partners and is expected to start producing oil and gas in 2028. Natural gas production is expected to total 16 million m³/day. NTS was waiting for the start of the development of the block, whose production will be transported through the gas pipeline called Rota 5, to implement these projects.