10th December 2019


Performance Goes Digital

Arca Fondi SGR is a mid-sized Italian active asset management company. Starting as a consortium of 12 regional banks founded by Arca SGR S.p.A in 1983, the company has grown notably over time, expanding both its network of distributors and its client base. Nowadays, Arca manages mutual funds, pension funds and institutional accounts with total AUM exceeding € 32 billion, reaching more than 100 banks and financial institutions and serving more than 800,000 final clients.

Arca’s business model is based on two pillars: people and innovation.

People in Arca share a passion for excellence and achievement, are client-oriented and have a problem-solving mindset. Corporate culture enables and fosters cross-functional interaction, for a understanding of the company as a whole.

Innovation is in Arca’s DNA. Born in the aftermath of the approval of the law instituting Mutual Funds (law 77/1983), Arca has since been a leader in the Italian asset management industry. Moving fast forward and trying to get ahead of trends, the company launched its first Funds in 1984 (Arca RR and Arca BB display an amazing 35-year long track record with more than 700% compounded return achieved), its first Equity Fund in 1987 and its Pension Fund in 1998.

In 2009, Target Maturity Funds were delivered, while in 2015 Arca introduced Sidera Funds Sicav, its Luxembourg platform. In the same year, Arca started investing in Italian “real economy”, thus anticipating the individual savings accounts reform and paving its way to become one of the most relevant players in the PIR (“Piani Individuali di Risparmio”) market.

Innovation has always been a priority for Arca Fondi, not only in product development but also in the delivery of services to its distributors and customers.

Arcaonline.it, Arca’s website, provides distributors with detailed information on clients’ portfolios, assets under management and subscription/redemption requests. It monitors aggregate selling data, offering our partners tailored functions and analytics to track commercial campaigns. It’s part of a broad and timely multimedia production, covering exclusive reports, comments, presentations, videos, webinars and newsletters is also available on the website.

By subscribing to Arca’s funds through its distributors’ network, customers may access Arcaclick, a dedicated area on Arcaonline.it. On Arcaclick, clients can easily browse through their portfolio of funds, analyse their characteristics, view transactions and historical funds’ performance in customizable setups. Arcaclick is also a valuable source of information regarding Arca’s product range: Prospectus, KIIDs and other literature is easily accessible along with news, comments and reports. Since 2015, Arcaclick can also be accessed via Arca Fondi App, a free application for mobiles and tablets, running on both iOS and Android. Available 24/7, Arcaclick gives clients the opportunity to access information, news and details of their personal portfolio anytime and anywhere.

In 2017, Arca Previdenza released its online subscription procedure, allowing pension fund clients to open an account via the app or website and to pay into it via credit card or online banking.

In May 2019, Arca launched InnovAction LAB, an ambitious project aimed at strengthening its leadership position in Italian markets through differentiation and at facing challenges coming from a competitive landscape, increasingly dominated by big international players.

To achieve these goals, InnovAction LAB focuses on technology, data and processes.

As noted by Mr. Giavenni, Head of Marketing and Communication: “Technology allows us to strengthen relations with our partners, enables the access to small sized distribution networks and opens the door to new markets. Smart advisory tools and solutions, appealing and easy to use interfaces and powerful data analysis systems give our distributors an edge, improving channel efficiency and/or penetration. At the same time, data management and analytics allow Arca to better understand clients’ needs and therefore to simplify distributors’ cross and up-selling efforts. Arca’s flexible and fully scalable operating model, makes the most out of technology. Organizational processes and structures are engineered to assure efficiency and adaptability while cross-divisional relationships allow the leveraging of capabilities and know-how.”

Through technology, data and processes, InnovAction LAB also focuses on sustainability, driving the change toward a smooth, efficient and paperless workflow that reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

While Arca’s clients and network of distributors are already enjoying the benefits of a unique digital ecosystem, Arca’s digital platform is in continuous evolution: new features are being added, advanced functionalities are being developed and innovative services are being delivered.

Stay tuned to discover how Arca will shape the future of Asset Management!