5th July 2023


Recognition of Excellence: deVere Investment wins Best Investment Group award 2023

Acknowledgement and accolades for deVere Investment’s exceptional performance is a testament to its hard work, strategic acumen, and collaborative efforts of the team.

Winning the Best Investment Group Award is a real achievement that highlights the company’s ability to navigate the complexities of financial markets and consistently deliver outstanding investment advice, which sets the award-winning investment group apart.

At the heart of this successful investment group lies visionary leadership from Nigel Green, the CEO and founder of deVere Group, who was also the recipient of this year’s Financial CEO of the Year award.

He says: “Since I established the organisation in 2002, after entering financial services in my late teens, we’ve grown to become the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisation, with more than 100 legal entities around the globe, including deVere Investment.”

“Naturally, a CEO cannot achieve success alone. As such, I accept the Financial CEO of the Year Lifetime Achievement award on behalf of all our team members around the world. I would never win accolades such as this, and deVere wouldn’t be where it is today, without their dedication, drive and skill.”

“This award serves as a testament to our collective efforts and the strong relationships that we’ve built over the years. I’m privileged to lead such an exceptional team and fortunate to be surrounded by such remarkable people.”

The deVere Investment leadership clearly cultivates a shared vision, setting clear goals and objectives for their teams. They foster an environment of collaboration, where diverse perspectives are valued, and team members work synergistically to achieve common goals. Effective leaders not only inspire and motivate their teams but also nurture talent, provide mentorship, and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

“The highly talented team at deVere Investment is dedicated to providing clients with tailor-made advice, ensuring their financial ambitions are met with the utmost professionalism,” notes Mr Green.

“We utilise the latest technology and innovation to offer outstanding advice quickly and accurately. And, of course, our clients’ success is our over-arching priority.”

“We’re committed to building long-term relationships founded on transparency, trust and an in-depth understanding of client’s financial goals.”

“It’s no wonder I’m so proud we’ve been named Best Investment Banking Group 2023!”

The judges of the award for Best Investment Group acknowleded deVere Investment’s client-centric approach, meticulous research and analysis. They employ a combination of fundamental analysis, market research, and quantitative techniques to identify opportunities and evaluate risks.

By thoroughly understanding market trends, industry dynamics, and the financial health of potential investments, the consultants can give informed advice that maximizes potential for good returns and minimizes risk.

The team adhere to a disciplined investment strategy that aligns with their clients’ long-term objectives and risk appetite. They develop robust investment frameworks that encompass asset allocation, diversification, and risk management.

This approach ensures that investments are made based on sound fundamentals and strategic considerations rather than impulsive reactions to short-term market fluctuations. The talented consultants continually monitor and review their clients’ portfolios, to optimise performance and maintain alignment with their investment strategy.

deVere Investment leverages technology to their advantage too, embracing advancements such as artificial intelligence and data analytics.

These technologies offer sophisticated tools for data analysis, portfolio optimization, and risk management. By harnessing the power of technology, the firm gains deeper insights, makes more informed decisions, and capitalises on opportunities that may not be apparent through traditional means.

“By delegating some tasks to AI, our investment advisors can put emphasis on providing personalised advice and nurturing stronger client relationships,” says the deVere boss.

“The algorithms used can also process huge amounts of financial data and generate key insights more quickly. This means that as advisors we’ll be able to make more informed and accurate investment decisions based on real-time market trends, economic indicators, and client- specific data.”

“But, as I have previously said, the risks are always checked by an advisor.”

He goes on to add: “The use of AI in financial advice may also present regulatory and legal issues. Compliance with existing regulations, such as data protection and consumer privacy laws, becomes crucial. I also foresee a need for new regulations and standards to address the specific risks and ethical considerations associated with AI within financial advice.”

In an era of increasing awareness and importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, this award-winning investment group prioritises sustainable investing.

It integrates ESG considerations into the investment processes, evaluating companies based on their environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices.

By investing in sustainable businesses, deVere Investment’s clients not only typically generate financial returns but also contribute to positive societal and environmental outcomes. This approach not only aligns with responsible investing principles but also helps future-proof portfolios by considering long-term risks associated with sustainability issues.

As a wider organisation, the parent company has long been associated with responsible investing. In 2021, deVere Group joined global financial powerhouses in becoming a founding member of a new international alliance that is helping accelerate the transition to a net zero financial system.

The game-changing independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisation, alongside the world’s two largest credit rating agencies, six major audit networks, three leading index providers, and two global stock exchanges, launched the Net Zero Financial Services Providers Alliance.

Of the global alliance, Nigel Green comments: “This represents a critical step forward in the transition towards a net zero economy by major financial companies committing to using their resources and best endeavours to achieve their own targets.”

“Climate change is a defining issue of our time and we’re fully on board at all levels to ultimately reach a net zero future.”

“We’re proud to be working with a group of internationally recognised standard-setting organisations and play a pivotal part in an alliance that will make a real, measurable impact.”

The Best Investment Group Award is recognition of excellence in this highly competitive industry. The win required a combination of remarkable leadership, teamwork, rigorous research, disciplined strategy, embracing technology, and a focus on sustainable investing. By embodying these qualities, deVere Investment is positioned as an industry leader.