18th June 2018


Skyway Aviation IPO in Africa Tells a Story of Rebirth Within Nigeria — Here’s Why

While the rest of the world’s GDP grew 2.6 percent, African economies reached the 5 percent milestone. Now they are preparing for IPOs.

After the global financial crisis of 2008 that took apart more than 60 percent of the stock market’s capitalisation, Nigeria stopped all IPO related endeavours. Since that catastrophic event, the country has been recovering at an extraordinary pace, and Lagos (Nigeria’s capital) seems to be the epicentre of a new revival.

SAHCOL (Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited), with headquarters in the Murtala Muhammed International Airport of Lagos, will be one of the many names taking a positive stance towards this new opening. ​Sources confirmed that the company is planning a big IPO in August​, that would inspire other large and promising businesses to do the same all over the region.

Key facts from SAHCOL

  • CEO:​ Oluropo A. Owolabi.
  • GMO: ​Olumide Odebiyi.
  • Services:​ Passenger, ramp and cargo handling services.
  • Website:​www.sahcol.com
  • Phone: ​(234) 1 7646298.
  • Founded: 1996.

The good news coming from Nigeria are spreading all over the globe after its stock market enjoyed a 16 percent rise, all thanks to the increase of oil prices. Expecting future transactions out of Africa in equity markets is now pretty common among managers and directors that deal with the matter directly.

Africa known for having the world’s fastest growing population, is also becoming a paradise for new investment ventures, ​signalling clear evidence of growth like no other part of the world right now​. With China investing more than $26 billion in the continent, is pretty obvious how a flourishing African economy can be immensely beneficial for the ones who got the lead first.