3rd December 2018


Temasek is Building an Investment Hub for AI and Blockchain in Singapore

A small city-country with big global aspirations seeking for a technological revolution to lead.

There is only one country in Asia with a AAA credit rating from all major agencies, it isn’t Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea or India, it is Singapore, a global center for finance, human capital, logistics, manufacturing and transport. Being a city-state that gained independence from not only Britain but also Imperial Japan, and finally Malaysia in 1965, its history is a complex tale of international trade and struggle.

One of the four Asian tigers with a highly developed market economy, Singapore has managed to increase its GDP per capita like no other other country in the region. For instance, in the last 30 years of the 20th century, the nation was able to grow at a 6 percent rate every year, this economic miracle transformed the island completely, now it is one of the most competitive and innovative places in the world.

Taking advantage of its position in global commerce and the use of technology for different modern purposes, they created in 1974 the Temasek Holdings Private Limited Company, the first investment vehicle of the Government of Singapore, its primary function is to monitor the potential for future growth in many areas of the society, all designated with a long-term approach.

Right now at the Temasek headquarters they are examining the profound use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in a wide range of industries that can affect the economy of this little Asian nation. With those innovations at their disposal they will be able to predict new investment opportunities on emerging markets with an outstanding precision.

Fast Facts about Temasek

  • It has a net portfolio of $308 billion.
  • The company focuses on growing middle income populations, emerging markets and transforming economies.
  • Some of its subsidiaries are the DBS Bank, Singapore Airlines and CapitaLand
  • It has offices in New York, London, São Paulo, Shanghai and many other cities.
  • The company invests mostly in equities.

Singapore is also a cryptocurrency and blockchain capital of the world since the turn of the decade, it is the third largest initial coin offering (ICO) market in the world and its government is aggressively investing in disruptive technologies in order to reclaim the gains once these services become mainstream, and Temasek is just the right ticket to achieve the next revolution they are waiting for.