6th August 2020


The Beirut Explosion: How You Can Help

On Tuesday, an enormous explosion ripped through Beirut. The blast, blamed on 2700 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate stored at the port, sent a shockwave across the Lebanese capital. By the next morning, more than 100 people were declared dead, over 4000 people injured, and hundreds are still missing.

The explosion was heard as far away as Cyprus, about 200 km across the Mediterranean Sea, and seismologists at the United States Geological Survey told the BBC that it was the equivalent of a 3.3-magnitude earthquake.

The Beirut Governor, Marwan Abboud, told AFP Beirut that the explosion has left approximately 300 000 people homeless with damage extending to over half of the city, even as the extent of the damage is still being calculated. The country was already facing economic collapse, rising food prices, and the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, estimates indicate it will cost up to $5 billion to fund repairs.

If you can help, here are some of the organisations to donate to:

Lebanese Red Cross


With more than 300 ambulances and 3000 emergency medical technicians, the Lebanese Red Cross is the country’s main provider of ambulances.

Islamic Relief Lebanon Emergency Appeal


Islamic Relief aims to provide food, water, and other basic supplies to those in need following the explosion. It is also helping clear the streets of debris and paying people currently out of work to help out.

Beit el Baraka


The Beirut-based Beit el Baraka helps families and older people who are struggling to afford living expenses. Since the explosion, the organisation is focused on repairing homes of families that were damaged by the blast.

Amel Association


Amel provides health and psychological services to both refugees and Lebanese citizens. It runs several primary healthcare centres in Beirut and is collecting food and cash donations.

Save The Children


Save The Children has been working with children and young people in Lebanon for over 60 years. Since the explosion, Save The Children announced that they are committed to providing assistance to children and families as well as physical and emotional protection to those affected by the disaster.