11th November 2020


The changing landscape of trading

By Leah Fisher, PR AudaCity Capital

As the trading industry changes; traders are becoming more and more skilled. However, they are facing the problem of being under-capitalised as they are emerging from retail backgrounds instead of traditional university and banking routes. With the COVID-19 pandemic, trading has become – for some – a skill or hobby to earn extra money, but for others – trading is the beginning of a new career.

Previously, it was difficult to participate in the trading and FX market due to the high transaction costs and governments were strict on keeping control of exchanges. This was until CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) passing two important bills that opened doors for the trading industry. The Commodity Exchange Act and Commodity Futures Modernisation Act allowed traders to take advantage of the new, densely populated FX industry.

However, traders still faced one major problem: being undercapitalised. Traders lacked the funds they needed to trade successfully and achieve maximum success in the industry. Even today, economic uncertainty means the market is becoming more and more sparse due to this issue.

This is where AudaCity Capital steps in. AudaCity Capital, a world-renowned trading firm for backing and funding profitable traders, has changed the way traders are able to achieve success and funding. Founded in 2012 in London, the company has over 500 traders in over 40 countries, providing them with capital and a platform to begin showcasing their talent as traders and drawing out the new, retail-based, era of the FX industry.

The company began just a few years after the recession of 2008. With many Prop-trading Firms closing; AudaCity Capital went against the trend as they were determined to keep the industry alive.

“The idea behind AudaCity Capital and the service we wanted to offer was something I needed personally” states Karim Yousfi, CEO and Chief Global Strategist.

He struggled to raise capital for himself, a problem for a lot of traders in the industry and decided to change this with AudaCity Capital.

“I truly believe that the next generation of superstars in this field will come from the retail environment”, he adds.

He pushes for the industry to begin to populate, especially in London city. He continues by saying “we invest in people. We are looking for like-minded, talented individuals, seeking to grow their skills and enhance our trading performance with our proven team of professionals.”

AudaCity Capital then created the Funded Trader Program to combat the issues of raising capital in the trading industry and to populate the industry once again. The Funded Trader Program is designed for experienced traders who lack funding to be able to reach their full potential. If you apply, you'll need to go through an interview process in which a member of AudaCity Capital’s team will assess your skills and experience on an individual basis.

If accepted onto the program, AudaCity Capital provides you with a starting account of $15,000 of company funds for you to begin trading the FX market. They do not use a retail broker, instead, using an institutional liquidity provider that allows the trader to benefit from deep liquidity in the market with no commissions or swaps on trades and tight spreads.

The Funded Trader Program is highlighting a new way of trading that is becoming increasingly more popular, with many other companies following in AudaCity Capital’s footsteps. Their website features daily interviews with their traders who share their journey into the industry and the benefit of trading with funding.

If you are a successful trader with a proven trading strategy who is looking to move to the next level, then AudaCity Capital can provide you with a range of benefits with their exceptional program.

If you have little to no experience in trading or the FX industry, AudaCity Capital also offers a training program named The Hidden Talents Program, which provides intensive training to provide you with the skills to become a successful trader. You do not need any experience or academic qualifications to join the Hidden Talents Program. They accept people purely based on natural intellect and the psychology needed to be a profitable trader.

The Hidden Talents program provides new opportunities to people all over the world. The program allows trainees to change their lives and form their career path, providing new blood in the pool of FX traders. AudaCity Capital is helping shape the new generation of traders by valuing their traders, new or experienced, to achieve their full potential and become successful.

Both the Funded Trader Program and the Hidden Talents Program provide the city of London with opportunity to grow within the trading and FX industry. As more people begin to work remotely in the midst of COVID-19, AudaCity Capital provides a unique opportunity to advance your career or begin a new journey.

The future vision of the company is to bring even more traders into the industry, from all over the world and from every background, to populate an industry that was once suffering.

More details can be found at: www.audacitycapital.co.uk