3rd January 2023


Whiskey; an ancient craft, a bright future

If global volatility and fluctuating markets are causing you sleepless nights, now’s the time to join those turning to alternative investments. But not the wine, art and classic cars of days gone by. To diversify their portfolio and hedge against volatility, savvy investors are looking to the potential of a particularly appetising alternative asset class; whiskey. With rare whiskey topping the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index for growth over the past decade, the demand for finely aged bottles is clear. But investing in rare bottles requires patience and if you want to get into this booming market it pays to get in early. So why not buy the spirit as it enters the cask, then sit back and wait for it to mature, and watch your investment mature with it. With Scotch whisky leading the way as the world’s number one internationally traded spirit, demand for the liquid gold is at a high. And with sales of Irish whiskey in the US predicted to overtake Scotch by 2030 for the first time since before Prohibition in the 1920s, the spirit shows no signs of slowing down. Throw in the growing interest from emerging markets such as Asia and the future certainly looks bright for those sitting on a cask or two of well-crafted Scotch or Irish whiskey.


 WHISKEY & WEALTH CLUB: OPENING UP THE INVESTMENT POTENTIAL OF CASKED WHISKEY Canny investors have spotted the potential in a spirit that matures in both flavour and value in the barrel but owning these barrels was previously reserved for industry insiders. Whiskey & Wealth Club has opened up the world of cask whiskey ownership to private investors and has been at the forefront of this exciting opportunity since 2018. The company offers clients the chance to capitalise on the growth in whiskey by purchasing and storing casks of premium whiskey from handpicked Scottish, Irish and American distilleries. A team of whiskey fanatics, there’s little this company can’t tell you about whiskey, with and without an ‘e’. With over 400 5* reviews on Trustpilot, Whiskey & Wealth Club’s clients clearly value this knowledge and the service they receive. Consider the average returns of 13.09% per annum¹ – with Scotch whisky, for example, consistently outperforming the FTSE-100 (2.86% on average over 20 years, as per This Is Money²) and 5.4% London property rental returns in 2022³ – it’s easy to see how the company has grown its client base to over 2,500 people in just four years.